among the stars

The 18th year old birhtday of Loren was getting closer. She never imagined what can happen when you follow your dreams, soon it all changed when she met One Direction, her favorite band,and started to fall in love with one of them.


2. my birthday

It all started on my birthday, may 24th of 2012. I was about to turn 18. It was a hot night and i was laying in my bed ith my curly Brown hair tide on a bom and my short pink pijamas where like a second skin. i was waiting for my family to sing me happy birthday. we do that every year. I like singing it to my 20 year old sister Amaya on her birthday because i don't have to get up since we share room. But i hate it when we sing it to my brother Emilio, my 15 year old brother. We used to sing it to my 24 year old brother Iñigo but a month before his birthay he went to live to Boston with his girlfriend Caro.


Ten minutes pased since i had woke up and i was my room kept getting hotter. I felt like it was 900 degrees. i grabed my pink celphone and looked for the temperatura. It turned out it was about 24 dagrees.

A few minutes later my family came into my room singing happy birthday. It was really awkward, i didn't know what to do so i just pretended i was asleep. When they finished i noticed that my mom had a White envelope holding in her hands.


After a couple of seconds of absolute silence my mom gave me the envelope. I thought it was mony so i oppened it. It turned out it was just pictures of One Direction."thanks mom thanks dad" i yelled with a smile on my face. "you're welcome sweetheart" my mom and dad answered. "but that's not all the present the rest you'll get it on dinner" my mom wispered to my ear. I smiled my mom kissed me on the forehead and left the room. My dad left after her and called Amaya and Emilio. None of them Heard Emilio fell asleep on my couch and Amaya was watching her face 2 inches from the mirror thrying to stay awake, but her Brown eyes kept closing. My dad grabbed them and took them out of the room. "thanks" i replied.

After they left i grabbed my White polo and put it on then i went to my dresser to find my navy blue skirt. It was on the sink. when i put it on i went to the kittchen to have brakefast. i was the only one in the table so i sang a Little. i brushed my hair and went downstarirs to wait for the bus. There i found my cousin Javi with a box of cookies. "happy birthay looser" he yelled "i got you the cookies you like" "thanks" i said while i huegged him. Our hug got interrupted by the sound of the bus. I called Amaya and Emilio.

I sat at the front row of the bus. When i got to school i saw my best friend Montse holding a plate of brownies "happy birthdsaaaaaaaaaaay" she yelled. "thanks, ohhh those brownies look good" montse laghed. When the class started i noticed that my friend Dani wasn't in her sit. I would bored to dead without her, she is the friend that's always talking and can make you lagh in one second.

The day went fast. I was already at reaces when i saw my friends holding infinit amount of desserts.

After that i couldn't even look at food without throwing up.

When i got home i fell asleep on the couch. When i wole up i felt nervous because it was almost time for dinner. I got up and went to my bathroom to shower. When i finished i rolled a towel into my hair and got dressed. I wore a mint dress, a jean jacket, and my usual converse.


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