Forever yours (Completed!)

Mikaela is just a normal girl when she moves to the U.K with her four best friends. What will happen when she and Harry Styles meet and fell in love with eachother?

Will Harry tell Mikaela that he's in love with her and will they live happily ever after? Or will drama ruin it all, with as result that Harry is running out of time?


27. You saved her life

Harry's POV


I walked out of the room and I looked up at Myriam ''You can go inside'' I said quietly. She hugged me and she walked inside. I sat on a chair and Niall came towards me ''Your ok mate?'' He asked. I didn't want him to feel bad so I just nodded. ''I know it's hard but we will help you Harry'' he continued speaking and he hugged me. I looked up at him with tears in my eyes ''Did you ever had that feeling Niall that you were so close to what you always wanted but suddenly it's gone and you have the feeling like you just wanna die?'' He slowly nodded ''I didn't Harry...but I really understand how your feeling'' He said. I sighed ''Thanks Niall'' I knew that the boys would always help me and they would also help me with this situation even though it was so hard. ''Oh my- Can someone call the doctor'' I heard Myriam suddenly scream. ''What is it?'' I screamed and I ran inside of the room while the other boys called the doctors. ''She just...Mikaela just moved...'' she said in disbelief. ''Doctor!'' I yelled. A doctor came in to the room ''Yeah Mr Styles?'' He asked. ''She just moved'' Myriam said. I looked at her and she looked at me with tears in her eyes. ''Are you sure?'' I whispered to her, hoping that Mikaela was still alive and that this was all one big mistake. ''I'm 100% sure she moved!'' Myriam mumbled. The doctor looked at us with a weird expression on his face and he walked towards Mikaela. He did some tests with her and then he said ''Well! That's weird...she's alive!'' I smiled ''Wait, really?'' I asked, I just couldn't believe it. ''Yeah, there must happened a miracle!'' He said ''I have to her with me now for some tests, you can visit her later again!'' he said and he drove her out of the room. I just sat there for awhile but after 10 minutes I stood up to tell everyone that Mikaela was alive. I walked down the stairs and into the waitingroom. ''And? Are you okey Harry?'' Tiarnee asked. ''Well...I have to tell you something!'' I said. They all looked at me curious ''Yeah...what is it?'' Louis asked. ''Mikaela is alive!'' I said with a smile on my face. ''Harry, it's no time for jokes..'' Maddy said. ''It is no joke!'' I heard a voice spoke from behind. We turned around and we saw the doctor standing there ''Mr Styles, I don't know what you did, but you saved her life...'' He said. I smiled weakly at him ''How about her cancer?'' I asked. ''The cancer is gone, Mikaela will be okey again, she just has to stay here for a week and then she can go home'' the doctor said and he walked away. 

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