Forever yours (Completed!)

Mikaela is just a normal girl when she moves to the U.K with her four best friends. What will happen when she and Harry Styles meet and fell in love with eachother?

Will Harry tell Mikaela that he's in love with her and will they live happily ever after? Or will drama ruin it all, with as result that Harry is running out of time?


17. Real Love



Harry's POV


It has been 1 year since I was with Mikaela in the hospital. I had visit her for 3 more months but there happened nothing so I decided that I wanted to move on with my life.In the beginning I was desperate without Mikaela in my life but after awhile I met Raisa. Raisa was a beautiful, amazing  girl with a lot of humor. I really loved her and she was a great girl. And though I loved her so much, there was always a piece of me that was missing. And how much I tried to move on with my life and to forget about Mikaela, it just didn't feel right. I thought about Mikaela every second of the day and it felt so weird that she wasn't here with me. I also blamed myself that I didn't tell her earlier that I loved her and that it was probably to late now.....


Raisa's POV


Harry and I met eachother at the park. I fell in love with him the first moment I saw him and I guess he also fell in love with me. He always told me a story about a girl, Mikaela. I knew he loved her very much because I could see the tears in his eyes when he talked about her and I wished I could do something for him. I was sure that Harry loved me but the way he looked when I asked something about Mikaela, was real love. I don't know where Mikaela is now and I don't know if she remebered Harry, but I knew I wanted to meet her...


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