Forever yours (Completed!)

Mikaela is just a normal girl when she moves to the U.K with her four best friends. What will happen when she and Harry Styles meet and fell in love with eachother?

Will Harry tell Mikaela that he's in love with her and will they live happily ever after? Or will drama ruin it all, with as result that Harry is running out of time?


5. Myriam

Mikaela's POV


Everyone was sitting in their couple now, except for Myriam, me, Harry and Niall. ''Okey...truth or dare to....Niall!'' I said with a grin on my face. He looked at me with an expression on his face saying: Don't dare to ask something about Myriam! But yeah, to bad because I would do it anyways...''Uh..Dare...'' I smiled, I was so in love with this game. ''Kiss your crush!'' I said with a evil smile on my face. ''Uh...'' He said unsure. ''Just do it! We will close our eyes! No worries!'' I said. All the girls closed their eyes.


Myriam's POV


This was the worst moment in my life. Knowing that my crush will kiss someone else. Everyone had their boyfriends now, except for Mikaela and me. It seems so long before something happends so I thought by myself that he allready kissed someone else. But suddenly I felt his lips touched mine. I opened my eyes and I saw that Niall was smiling shyly at me. ''I'm your crush?'' I asked in disbelief. He nodded ''Do you want to be my girlfriend Myriam?'' I smiled at him ''Of course I do!'' I said and I ran towards him, kissing him on his lips.

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