Forever yours (Completed!)

Mikaela is just a normal girl when she moves to the U.K with her four best friends. What will happen when she and Harry Styles meet and fell in love with eachother?

Will Harry tell Mikaela that he's in love with her and will they live happily ever after? Or will drama ruin it all, with as result that Harry is running out of time?


7. Chef Harry

Mikaela's POV


''Mikaela! Wake up!'' I heard someone scream. I opened my eyes and I looked straight into the face of Harry. ''Harry, what happened?" I asked. ''You passed out...'' He said with a worried look on his face ''Are you okey?'' I nodded, even though my head hurted so badly. ''I think I haven't eaten enough or something like that...'' He helped me up and he carried me to the couch. ''You have to lay down and I will make you some food!'' He said and he walked towards the kitchen to make me some food. ''Chef Harry is gonna make you an amazing breakfast!'' he yelled. I giggled at him ''Harry...the food is burning...'' I said with a grin. He turned around and he saw that his food was all black. ''Oh shit!'' he yelled. ''Well done chef Harry!'' I grinned at him. He looked at me with an evil look on his face but then he burst out in laughing to. ''Well...I'm just gonna make you some toast then!'' he said. ''Okey! But don't let the toast burn!'' I smiled.


Myriam's POV


Niall brought me home after our day at the mall. He was so sweet for me and I was absolutely in love with him. I grabbed my key out of my purse and I opened the door. ''I'm homeee!'' I screamed and I walked into the leavingroom. Niall followed me and we looked at Harry and Mikaela, who were sitting on the couch together. ''Hi!'' Mikaela said quietly. ''Was it fun with the girls and your boyfriends?''she winked at me. ''Yeah, it was awesome!'' I said with a smile on my face. ''Uh, Harry, shall we go?'' Niall asked. Harry nodded at him. ''Bye babe!'' Niall said and he gave me a kiss on my cheek. My cheeks turned red and I smiled shyly at him ''Bye hunny!'' I giggled. After the boys were gone I walked to Mikaela ''Hi, your allright?'' I asked. She nodded ''Yeah, I just passed out but I will be fine...'' ''You passed out? And your fine? Mikaela! Maybe it's something bad!'' I said with a worried look on my face. She just shrugged her shoulder ''I think I haven't eaten enough, It's nothing bad...'' I sighed ''Whatever...''

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