Forever yours (Completed!)

Mikaela is just a normal girl when she moves to the U.K with her four best friends. What will happen when she and Harry Styles meet and fell in love with eachother?

Will Harry tell Mikaela that he's in love with her and will they live happily ever after? Or will drama ruin it all, with as result that Harry is running out of time?


20. Awake


Mikaela's POV


I had to get to Harry! I wanted to see him! I tried as hard as I could but I just couldn't do it. It felt like I was in prison. You wanted to get out, but you just couldn't. I saw Harry standing before me ''Mikaela come on, open your eyes'' He said. I wanted to grab his hand but he disappeared. I pushed myself as hard as I could and suddenly, my eyes opened. I saw Harry and a strange girl looking at me like I was crazy but then Harry smiled at me. ''Mikaela...your awake!'' He said in disbelief. ''Yeah'' I said ''What happened?'' I tried to sit up but I felt a huge pain in my stomach. ''Auw!'' I whined in pain. ''Slow down Mikaela, just lay down'' Harry said worried. I nodded ''Okey but what happened?'' ''You passed out and you were in a coma'' Harry said and I saw he still couldn't believe it. ''How long was I gone?'' I asked. ''One year'' he sighed. ''One year? I missed one whole year of my life?'' I said. He nodded ''Mikaela, I want you to meet someone'' He said. The girl came towards me and Harry continued speaking ''Mikaela, this is my girlfriend Raisa....''


''This is my girlfriend Raisa...'' The words repeated them in my head ''Your...girlfriend Raisa?'' I asked. He nodded and I wanted to burst out in tears but I just smiled. ''Well...that's nice!'' I said but I knew it wasn't true, I wanted to be the one who made Harry happy, I wanted to be his girlfriend. ''Well...We're gonna call the doctor for you...'' Harry said and he stood up. He called the doctor and he rushed in ''Mikaela! Your awake!'' he said. I just nodded. I was still in shock that Harry had a girlfriend but I couldn't blame him, I knew he wasn't in love with me, even though I loved him with whole my heart....


Harry's POV


Doctors ran into Mikaela's room and I thought that it was the best if Raisa and I would leave, even though I wanted to stay so badly.''Mikaela, We gotta go now'' I said. She nodded ''Yeah sure, have fun'' she said quietly. Raisa and I walked out of room 115 and we walked towards the exit. It felt so bad to walk out of the hospital, away from the love of my life, with another girl. Raisa and I walked towards the car, ready to tell the boys and their girlfriend that Mikaela was awake...


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