The Unthinkable


2. Unbelievable

Jenny's P.O.V

I was released from the hospital 2 days later

neither of us bothered to speak the car ride back to Liam’s flat. I just keep wondering about my little baby boy that I was supposed to have in 2 months and if he survived the car accident, how he could of looked like his daddy. We got home, Liam went into his room and I went into the kitchen to make dinner. Half an hour pasted Liam has been in and out of his room the whole night “Jenny” Liam shouts from his room.”coming” I shouted back as I raced up the stairs to his room. When I opened the door I just stood there in shock. Seeing Liam hold a fragile little baby boy, and half of his room decorated like a nursery.“L-L-Liam what's this?” “This is our little baby boy” A tear fall down my cheek as Liam give me my little boy; Adam. “he-he survived?” Liam nods “but, Liam i don't understand, how i was only 7 months, how?” “well somehow he survived” I didn't pay much attention to Liam, I just keep looking at Adam.

Adam Edward Payne.

My little angel from heaven above.


sorry if its a short chapter i don't have much time to write because of school and projects but come summer i'm gonna be writing alot. 

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