The Unthinkable


3. The News


{Flash Forward 6 months}


“Liam?!” I shouted “LIAM!!!!!!!!!” “what?!?”he answers “come over here!”


Jenny’s P.O.V

I-I-I I just couldn't believe it... How could it be I just had Adam; I wasn't ready for another kid. Adam is enough. But when? When? when did this happen? I-I-I I was pregnant with my 2nd child? already? what?


Liam P.O.V

Jenny called me i thought it was the same stuff over again like to change Adam’s diaper or something of that nature. But I was wrong, I went into Jenny’s room to see her crying on her bed with something in her hand. As I came near her I saw that what was in her hand was a pregnancy test. She handed it to me and it read positive.

  {A/N} hey guys sorry its a really short chapter but I just haven't had time to write much. Though chapter 4 will be long and very graphic, so if your not one of those that don't like reading dirty scenes don't read next chapter.If you don't mind read along.
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