Electric blue

Clubs had always been the place where Sam Kidson got his pleasure. Seeing all of the models enter the private section, getting so drunk that they could barely stand in their 7 foot high heels. When trying to find the perfect girl for his night, would he know that who he would choose may just put him in direct contact with people he hasn't seen in years. People who could never be seen again, his dead family and friends. Can he work this all out...


3. Seeing her

The club was just how he liked it. The blonde models sitting there, waiting for someone they like to come along. He spotted Natalie making out in the far corner with one of the club barmen. A smirk played on his face, she had never changed in the 3 years that he knew her. 


Ordering his favourite cocktail, he leaned back against the abnormally cool metal rod on the bar edge. Taking very large sips, his fears of earlier with his brother were quickly leaving his head. Soon enough it was just like the wind had blown them away with just a few whispers to announce it's presence. The alcohol hit his head like a piano being dropped, and a smirk played on his face. This was his usual mood, drunk, high and extremely happy. He just couldn't shake the grin which was set upon his face. 


A brunette girl walked in the doors with two other of her friends. They were not so usual, but Sam had seen them before. The more confident was Hannah and he seemed to remember his one night with her, then there was the slightly smaller one, Emily, boy she was a piece of work. Her father owned the best record label in England, making a bucket each week. She and her mother never needed to work a day in their life! The last one made Sam do a least three takes at her looks. Her hair blinded you in the reflection of the lights, the luminous blue hit like a punch to the stomach. Her arms were covered with ripped sleeves off another long sleeved t-shirt. The leather jacket hung loosely on her small figure, the vest top hugging her petite frame. The mini pencil skirt had long rips all around it and laid above pencil thin legs. The heels helped her be just be a few inches taller, but it wasn't needed. She was perfect. 

For this night, that is.


Ordering two cocktails he walked off over to them. Once he got there, they were gone. His drunken eyes searched frantically, but there were too many girls grinding against his shaking body. Storming back to the bar, he stumbled over someone, spilling one of the drinks over them. That's when he saw the eye catching colour of her hair. 


"Watch where you're going jerk!" she screamed. Sam only just smiled, the same smile that appeared when she first entered his club. 

"Here,take this" Sam shouted, fighting to be heard over the music in the club. Taking off his leather jacket and wrapping it around her shoulders. Taking the zip carefully between two of his finger and covering her body. "How about I get you a drink?" He asked. His eyes getting lost in hers. The were almost white in colour, speckled with black and some red specks. It was the most beautiful thing same had seen. 


She just nodded in reply, she couldn't wait for this night to truly begin. Hannah and Emily had gone to find her in her flat after her boyfriend went hysterical on her, and she didn't quite know why. Her parents had left a few months earlier saying that she should never sleep with someone unless it was a man named Sam, something about how he deserves to be unleashed to what she could do. She didn't even know this guy's name, and she didn't care two whiskers that it would matter how this night would end.


Hours and the amount of drinks had start to pass in a blur, leading to the point when the were completely smashed and couldn't get up off the floor they were that drunk. Sam wanted to go all the way with her, but something in his mind screamed at him to stop and leave with her phone number, instead of something else...

"Let's go back to my place" he whispered in her ear, his voice almost growling. Taking her hand he lead her to the cab stands outside. His hand grasped hers and the smile from before grew onto his face. As the cab pulled up, he dragged her out of the car and attaching his lips to find her soft plump ones. One thing lead to the next...

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