Electric blue

Clubs had always been the place where Sam Kidson got his pleasure. Seeing all of the models enter the private section, getting so drunk that they could barely stand in their 7 foot high heels. When trying to find the perfect girl for his night, would he know that who he would choose may just put him in direct contact with people he hasn't seen in years. People who could never be seen again, his dead family and friends. Can he work this all out...


5. Sam Kidson?

Waking up there was no sun in the sky, the moonlight was just peeking through the varnished oak blinds. The glass off water reflected them all over the table he was still asleep on, but not the one by the sink. 


It was smashed into fine pieces, there was no one here but Sam. Looking around panicked he realised it must have been the wind. The TV started to blast music through the house, the remote flying across the room and landing on the floor beside his stool. The blinds started to shut fully, but then springing back open. The night air was adding unwanted effect to this whole situation. His head moving and looking everywhere his heart started to increase and beat like a steam train.


Slowly he made his way to the living room, a knife in his hand which he picked up from the kitchen. The TV showing a US sitcom, one that he had not seen in 5 years. The look of short grey hair, the cropped blonde and the two little brunette heads that bobbed along to the music that was playing through the headphones. 


"Mum?" His voice was shaking and seemed as if wouldn't support itself. All of their head shot towards him and he saw the faces of all his family who had died. 


The pain in his head started again and this time he couldn't take and ran outside and it to the rain. It was foggy now, hard to see. 


It was not till it was too late that he saw the two headlights and the sound of the truck horn before it collided with his body.  

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