Electric blue

Clubs had always been the place where Sam Kidson got his pleasure. Seeing all of the models enter the private section, getting so drunk that they could barely stand in their 7 foot high heels. When trying to find the perfect girl for his night, would he know that who he would choose may just put him in direct contact with people he hasn't seen in years. People who could never be seen again, his dead family and friends. Can he work this all out...


4. A simple headache?

Waking up to the sun peeking through the blinds, the night all rushed back to Sam. Including the weight of all the drinks upon his body. Wincing slightly, he tried to shake away the pounding headache which was starting to keep a steady rhythm through his brain.


Looking to his side his eyes started to ache from the direct contact from the morning sun. The same girl, with the electric blue hair, lay beside him with a smile lightly edged onto her porcelain white skin.


The pounding in his head suddenly began to increase and he started to hold back the screams which had started to erupt and shatter throughout his head.


The girl's eyes shot open and stared at the boy who was writhing in agony on the floor. The sheets were knotting around his ankles and tears started to stream down his face. She knew that this would happen, it has before. The other two killed themselves as they had seen something that they never wanted too, but she didn't know what.

Grabbing the clothes off the end of the bed, she got dressed and left the room. She paused slightly before shutting the door, looking down on the helpless boy she couldn't save. She never wanted to be someone who would hurt another, but sometimes we don't get what we want.


Half an hour had passed and Sam still had that headache. The pain he had before had passed and it was now they remaining embers of the fire in his head. He had taken too many pills than were safe to have, he could easily have over dosed.


Leaning his head on to cool table, he fell in to a much needed nap.  


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