The Shadow Hunter

Nicole, a teenage girl who's about to turn 18, she can't wait because she will finally be able to leave her abusive foster mother, life will be easier, she'll get a job finish school get an apartment, and the rest will play out. But on the day she turns 18 strange things start to happen, she see's, something, floating over a person she doesn't know what it is, and that was the start of an adventure that Nicole never asked to be a part of, having to fight an evil that has been lurking dimensions for centuries. Along the way she meets many friends, and enemy's. She finds out that she's something called a Shadow Hunter, and she finds out what the heck that is to. Will Nicole find out where she's from and why she ended up in a foster home on earth? Will she defeat the evil that was released from the underworld?


2. The Road to the Mist


I'm finally on the road to Toronto, to my new apartment, it's my last day of being 17, and i'm going to take a taxi straight to the apartments so that i hopefully can get one, what if i can't afford it, what if i have to travel all the way back to Florida, back to my foster mom, i don't want to go back there, i want to be free, i want my own life.

sometimes i wonder who my real parents are, what orphan doesn't? i wonder where i'm from, who i am. these questions race through my mind all the time, and i guess i'm trying to look for answers, maybe that's why i'm so eager to get away from my foster mom, because i aready know who she is, maybe it's not because of the abuse, or the alcohol, or even the drugs, maybe it's because i want to get answers for my questions that make me cry myself to-............. what's that?! i could have sworn i saw something floating over a person, it was like a, a mist or something, smoke or fog, i'm not sure what but, it's gone now, maybe, am i'm just seeing things? it wouldn't be the first time.

all of a sudden i feel this bump from the seat next to me, someone had just came on the bus and plopped himself down right next to me, even though there are a whole bunch of other seats open, whatever a long as he doesn't bug me, i'm fin-  " hi, im Brandon." he says sticking out his hand for a handshack. "hi, im Nicole" i replied while i wasshacking his hand.

"so, why are you on your way to Toronto?" he asked, " im moving there, i said back. "really? cool, i am too." "why are you talking to me exactly?" " well can't a guy just make conversation on a long long long lo-" "JUST SHUT UP ALREADY!!" i yell at him, the whole bus went quite and people were staring at me like i was the bad guy.... well maybe i am but, no, no but's, that was totally rude of me. "god what did i do to you to make you hate me that much, i was just trying to make conversation, if would have let me finish talking, on this long long long long bus ride." he says to me, he's not that annoying, but his self esteem is way to high and what's up with his hair? i mean blonde highlights in light brown hair is, is just, well, not that bad. what! what are you talking about, i do not have a crush on him, he's annoying and........ ok maybe, but that doesn't change the fact that he needs to mind his own buisness and just, i dont know, sit somewhere else, whatever, just put back in your earphones and listen to music to calm you down. i'm so tired and excited, the only thing that could make me go to bed right now though is music, i need to listen to something other than people talking anyways.


it's like 10 p.m right now and i still haven't fallen asleep, tommorow is my birthday and the day we arrive in Toronto, i'll have a lot of paper work, traveling and walking to do, i'll need as much energy as i can get.

after a while i finally start to fall asleep but it's like 11 now, i start to dream of this, this planet, it's being attacked by some- something, like aiens or something, their battling, blood everywhere and on almost all of the native people. i don't understand, a man and a woman, their putting a child into a pod, like a mini spaceship, it's zooming through space, it lands, MOM,  DAD! it's my foster parents, their holding a child in their arms, the child from the pod, but what's happening, what, i don't understand, their singing to it and wait no no, the child is lifting up a knife and it stabbing dad, DAD, NO STOP! HE'S DIEING STOP IT I----

" whoever's going to stop in Toronto, were almost there, in about 5 minutes. thank you." i wake up the the busdrivers voice, were almost there we are almost there! and i'm 18, "I AM 18!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" i accidentaly yell out loud. " well congrats! lets all sing HAPPY BIRTHDAY! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, YOU LIVE IN A ZOO, YOU LOOK LIKE A MONKEY AAAAAAAAAND YOU SMELL LIKE ONE TOO!!!! YAY!" Brandon starts yelling out Happy Birthady- but wait he has that misty thing floating over his head, that thing that i saw yesterday, what the heck! all of them do! the people on the bus all have that thing, that fog over them, the MIST, it's like, evil, i can feel it, it feels evil, but how do i feel how it feels? how?! i dont understand.

WHAT IS IT.......?


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