The Shadow Hunter

Nicole, a teenage girl who's about to turn 18, she can't wait because she will finally be able to leave her abusive foster mother, life will be easier, she'll get a job finish school get an apartment, and the rest will play out. But on the day she turns 18 strange things start to happen, she see's, something, floating over a person she doesn't know what it is, and that was the start of an adventure that Nicole never asked to be a part of, having to fight an evil that has been lurking dimensions for centuries. Along the way she meets many friends, and enemy's. She finds out that she's something called a Shadow Hunter, and she finds out what the heck that is to. Will Nicole find out where she's from and why she ended up in a foster home on earth? Will she defeat the evil that was released from the underworld?


1. The Attack of a Human Life


I felt the scorch pain of a hand against my cheek, and a tear started to drip down my face, I was scared and hurt, so i hit back and ran up to my room. when i got to my room i ran in slammed the door behind me and locked it. i heard foot stomps coming up the stairs, but, i don't know what was louder, the stomps, or my heart beating faster and faster, until a slam on my door, it was as if someone was hitting my door trying to get in, and that's exactly what it was. i crawled over to my bed, praying that she wouldn't break down the door, because if she did, i don't even want to think about what she would do to me.

what am i going to do, she's still hitting on my door, how will i escape, if she gets in here and i'm still here, i'm better off dead. i look around my room trying to find an exit, then i see it, the window! i run over to my window and look down, i'm 8 stories high in a beaten down apartment, now what? how will i get down without killing myself? wait, all the scarves that i have plus my blankets and my bed sheets could just do it, i know it sounds crazy, but i have like 22 scarves and 3 blankets and my quilt from my bed and the 2 sheets from my bed too! if it doesn't work, either way i'm gonna die or get seriously hurt, so, here goes nothing.

i grab all of my stuff and tie them all together, (five minutes later), i throw them out the window and then tie it to my bed post. let's just hope that she doesn't break in and cut the "rope", or even worse, pull me back up. i jump out the window and start climbing out, i'm so scared right now, what if...

i don't even get to finish thinking when she comes crashing through my bedroom door and looks out to me. " i hope you rote in hell!" she yells out to me. she runs away, and i exclaim back at her with anger " i know you will." " oh really, well, i guess you'll be going down there first, i'll see you there though. bye sweetie, you did always wanted me to call you that, didn't you?" she snarled at me sarcastically, after that i give her the rotten finger without hesitation, and she cuts the "rope" without hesitation to, as i start to fall, i see my life flash before my eyes, it was all filled with pain, grief and sorrow, well most of it, i used to live a happy life, with a family, friends. what i wouldn't give to get it all back. 

My name is Nicole, i was adopted by a happy couple who couldn't have their own kids, but, when i was five, my foster dad died from a heart attack, after that, my foster mom went crazy, she started destroying the house, drinking too much, doing drugs, and then, lost her job, i told her that she needed to get help because she was scaring me, so she did and it got better, she stopped drinking and didn't do drugs anymore. for a while she treated me like royalty, bringing my breakfast in bed and saying to me that i'm the only thing that helped her get past that stage in life, but she started drinking again at a party, then did drugs, and just because of that split second of weakness, she was an alcoholic and did drugs almost every day, i remember once, she overdosed, i was so scared that she was going to die that i ran to the hospital from school, when i got to the hospital she told me that she tried to kill herself because she hated me, and her life. and it was all my fault. and after that, things got worse, she started to hit me and kick me, and ever since then i have to fend for myself, provide food for myself, and even pay rent, i have 5 jobs, and my foster mom, has none.

i flash back into reality look up and i realize i'm still falling, looking up to my foster mom, my heart filled with anger, i don't want to die like this though, i'm almost 18 and when i turn 18 i was going to leave my foster mom get an apartment and start my own life, why can't i do that, I've saved all the money i could over the years and have enough for one small apartment that I've been staring at every morning and every second i could after school. i almost hit the ground when i fall on a whole bunch of bushes that somehow break my fall, i run and run until i get to this old abandoned warehouse, from there i stay until it's dark and then walk back to what i am supposed to call home, i pack up all my stuff and plan to leave in the morning, i mean it's the last day i'll be 17, the day after tomorrow i'll legally be 18 so i'll be able to get that apartment that i want. 

While i'm sleeping i dream about a life that was much easier than this one, a life that i'm happy and my mother is happy, a life where my father would have never died maybe things would have been different, maybe my mother would have been happy and not killing herself or abusing me, a life that only exists in my most fantasy like dreams. the next morning i wake up to the sound of thunder, well, it's not quite the morning your thinking of, it was 4 a.m. so i figured that if i catch a bus and head to Toronto which was where the apartment was, it was at least a 2 days trip because i actually live in Florida so by the time i get there i'l be 18 and i'll be able to get my apartment! 




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