Hell's Angel

When Danika died in a fatal car accident at age sixteen no one seemed to get over it, especially her best friend Ryder. Danika finds herself in hell, continuously being perused by Caid, the sexiest, bad-est boy she has ever met. When Danika is given the choice weather or not to return to the life she once had she finds it's the hardest choice she's ever had to make, to home to the boy she loved since she was ten or stay with Caid, the one she couldn't help but fall in love with.


1. Prologue (very short chapter)

The road lights flashed over the window over and over, I glanced over at Ryder and laughed as he made a funny face. It was just after midnight and the stars were bright in the Texas sky, it was the first time in a year that my momma had let me stay out so late. Ryder had taken me to a black veil brides concert in Dallas, they were my favourite band and he had gotten the tickets for my sixteenth birthday. I reached over and took one of his hand in mine, I squeezed it tightly. 

"Thank you Ryder, this was the best present anyone has ever given me." I said. He lifted his hand to push strands of hair behind my ear, his hand stroked down my cheek as he stared into my eyes.

"I'm just glad to see you smiling." He replied, a smile playing on his lips. Then suddenly he was leaning in his lips touched mine and it was everything  had been waiting for since I was thirteen years old, and then some. A loud noise deafened me and suddenly I jerked forward and my forehead hit the dashboard, something warm trickled down my face. My sight blurred, the only sound I heard was Ryder calling my name "Dani, Dani stay with me..." Then there was just silence 


The next thing I knew I standing in front of a young man, he looked to be maybe a year or two older than me. His hair was a rich, dark brown that swished across to cover one of his amazingly green eyes. He was dressed in faded black jeans and a tight black top that showed his abs perfectly through the fabric. As I looked down at myself I realised I was in a log maxi dress, it was as dark as a raven's wings and so light that I felt like I was wrapped in air. 

"Danika Jones?" I jerked my eyes back to the beautiful, dark boy. 

"Yes." I said slowly, suddenly fear surged through me, ice filled my veins. 

"Welcome to hell." He said as wide, beautiful, golden wings spread out behind him. It took me a moment to realise the wings were attached to the boy, then I screamed. 

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