Gone not around anymore

What if you know how much time left to live your life when life getting better than ever as you get a job to work with the most famous boy band called One Direction ? It is my pleasure if you interested to read it !! #firstmovellas (sorry for the broken english ) ENJOY


6. Tomorrow is a new day

   I walk out of Mrs. Dina offices after I done signing all the contract, she also give me a copy of the contract and I see Ryan waiting for me outside the offices. "So, what's up?? " he asked. I give him the copy and show him the second paragraph. He almost scream out of his lung and I quickly close his mouth with my hand. He pushed my hand away from his mouth, " Oh My Gosh! This is so fabulouis. I'm so jealous of right now!!" He said jealously. I stay in quiet and didn't really focus of what he's saying. "Hello! World to Bella!!" He screa med. I suprised " Oh, oh yeah haha." I said trying to sounds calm. " What's wrong?". " Nothin' it's just that I'm worry if I didn't teach them well." I said worriedly." R u kiddin me? Who cares about training them well or not? If I were you, all I want is to be their fuckin' girlfriend!", I looked at him angrily, " Dear Ryan, did you realised that 'that' kind of word is not appropriate to be used?!". I just hated it when someone's cursing, my dad never taught me or even cursing in front of me. "Sorry, but can't you just have a little fun with them and don't to focus on your job?? he asked. " I'll try.".


   It's already 5.00 in the evening as I look at my watch. Before going home, I met Ryan and hugged him for the last time. " Bye sweetie. I'm really going to miss you." he started to crying." I'll miss you too." I answered as started to cried as well. I walk away and wave my hand at him. As I arrive home, I say hye to my father before straight away to upstairs. After take a bath, I start to check for the last time before I take out all my things of out the boxes and move it to my luggage. I find that it is a funny if I bring along my stuff in some boxes. When I finish pack my things, I put all of it in the living room so tomorrow there's no need to be murky and everything and I already place my clothes that I'm going to wear tomorrow. As everything have finish, I decided to just go sleep, I already feel the pressure as I feel like there's an army of butterfly in my stomach. I have no idea what's coming..

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