Gone not around anymore

What if you know how much time left to live your life when life getting better than ever as you get a job to work with the most famous boy band called One Direction ? It is my pleasure if you interested to read it !! #firstmovellas (sorry for the broken english ) ENJOY


5. Suprise

  I'm awake from my sleep as I smell something good hit my nose. I quickly get up and go downstairs to see where's that smell come from. I popped my hair at the kitchen and see my father is cooking, it have been a long time since he cooked for me when I was 13. "Wow, it seems that you still good in cooking huh?" I said. " What? You think I already forgot how to cook?" He said playfully. I giggled, and help him with the breakfast. " Soo, did something happened this morning as you make the breakfast all of sudden?" I asked. " Nothing actually, it's just that I want to make a breakfast for you for the first time before you go leaving me." He said sorrowfully. "Oh dad, don't say that. I'll Skype you. Don't worry, we will stay connected. " I answered try to cheer him up.


  After done showering, I decided to wear something girlie. I put my flower pattern mini jumpsuit with a cardigan, a necklace that my mom gave me before my parents separated away (actually I always put it on) and my pastel green colour sneakers, I know it sounds weird but my dad bought it when he's off to Vietnam for work. And for my hair, I just let it as it is which is naturally wavy brown coloured. I can't wait to meet Ryan for the last time.

20 minutes later~

  I enter the Academy and sees everyone is screaming and some of them are jumping excitedly outside the academic office but I then distracted by Ryan as he waving at me. " What is up with all these people?"." Simon Cowell is in the house, duuh!" He snapped his finger, I laughed hardly as he do that. Suddenly, Mrs Dina open the office door and Simon Cowell walk out the office with a bunch of his bodyguard as well as Miss Melanie accompanying along the way out, she's Mrs Dina secretary. "Have any of you see Miss Bella this morning?" Mrs Dina asked everyone. All of them turn around at me and Ryan quickly pull me out of the crowd and pushed me by Mrs Dina side. "Oh! There you are sweetheart. Come with me, there's something we need to talk.". I follow her lead and everybody start to whispering to each other as they talk about me. Then Mrs Dina turn around and said " Do all of you has something else to do?!", everyone leaving immediately, some of them even bumped off at each other and return to the dance studio. As I walk in her office, she give me some paper work and I have no idea what it is about. It kind of scared me to see a lot of paper work to be read. " All of this paper sheet is your contract, so I want you to sign it right now since it has to be given by tomorrow." she said firmly. I read the paper carefully cause I don't want something bad happen if I just sign my signature down without reading it. But then in the 2nd paragraph, there's a line of words distract me which is written, " You are now officially working for a band named ONE DIRECTION as their choreographer and agreed to work till the upcoming tour end bla..bla..bla" that's when my jw dropped and my heart beating like crazy, it is not because I like them, though their songs are great but it's because they like the best boy band in the WORLD. What if I didn't teach them well :(

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