Gone not around anymore

What if you know how much time left to live your life when life getting better than ever as you get a job to work with the most famous boy band called One Direction ? It is my pleasure if you interested to read it !! #firstmovellas (sorry for the broken english ) ENJOY


4. Moving to the new life

"Hye daaadd !" I suprised him. "OMG ! Stop it dear, you scraed me ! Well, well, well, looks like someone is happy. Sooo, how's your day cutie pie?". "Nothing special actually, it's just that I got a job!!" I said excitedly." Oh really! That's good, what's your job?". "The dance academic pick me to be a choreographer for a famous celebrity company!! Isn't that crazy?". My dad come closer and hold my shoulder," I'm so proud of you Bella, you've grown so much. It's like you just 6 years old yesterday and now I'm standing in front of a beautiful young lady." he pretending to sobbed." Oh dad, stop it. It so funny when you do dad." I hugged him. "When is first day then?", "Well actually it is going to be this Friday, but then I'm no longer with you for the next 2 month as I have to follow them to touring. Will you let me go?" I started to make a puppy face." If it's make you happy, I have no right to stop you. Beside, it's your dream, I'm not going to ruin my only daughter dream.", "Thanks dad,you're the best!" I hugged him. I run straight away to my room and call Ryan. "Hey girlfrieeendzz!" Ryan said as he picked up his phone." Haha, hey lover boy! Guess what??", "What? Is it about that weird lady called you at the academy?? What did she say?" he giggled." Ryan! It's not nice to say like that even though she's weird old lady.", "I'm so sorry my lady." he apologised." Never mind. You never gonna believe this. I was been offered to work as a choreographer at a celebrity company!!". " Oh My Gosh! That's so fabulouus!" he said excitedly. " I know! But I'm not going to be around as I have to follow them to touring for the next 2 month starting this Friday.", " Don't say that you gonna leave me alone here! Before this it was Ashley and now you, who am I going to hang out with then?" he said sadly." Don't say that,I'll call you. I promised.", ' Promise?" he asked. "Promise! Hey urm, gotta go have to pack all my things.", " Ok goodbye! Take care darling." he said cheerfully. "You too." I off the phone. "Well there's a lot of things that have to be pack. Better start now!' I said to myself. I start to take out all the boxes under my bed, it was the box that I used when I move here, I kept all of it in case if something happen. I pack everything since 2 month is not that short. After I done packing, I look at the clock, it's already 3 in the morning so I decided to take a short nap because I'm soo damn tired. 



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