Gone not around anymore

What if you know how much time left to live your life when life getting better than ever as you get a job to work with the most famous boy band called One Direction ? It is my pleasure if you interested to read it !! #firstmovellas (sorry for the broken english ) ENJOY


2. Finding jobs !

Bella P.O.V It is 6.00 a.m. and I already awake since I have too make breakfast for me and my dad as usual. I was thinking to just cook something simple since I have to go to the Elizabeth Dancing Academy earlier cause it is my turn to clean the dance studio. I've been dancing like since I was 6 years old and I always be the teachers favourite when it comes to dancing. And I'm not that really bad in studies too as I always get straight A's in most of the subjects in class, but I'm not the kind of girl who hang out with the cool kids, not really actually until I realised they just so irritating so I decided to friend with the nerdies. They not that bad actually, it just most of them are fall in love with their own books, it kind of freak me out sometimes but who cares, just mind your own business right? "Bella, have you awake my dear?" My dad said as he peeking his head at the kitchen door. "No dad, I'm still sleeping in my room like a princess!" I screamed. My dad giggle as he walked in the kitchen. "Good morning cutie pie." He kissed my forehead. "What are you cooking for breakfast this time?" " Just frying a few bacon and make some sandwiches and don't forget to drink your coffee which you always forget to drink it." I passed a cup of coffee to him. "Why so rush darling?" "It's my turn to clean the studio today, have you forgotten??" I pretending to cry." Of course not! Oh cutie pie stop crying.." My dad said. I giggled as he do that. He just so funny! "Btw, don't forget to find a job for this upcoming summer. I don't want you to spend your holidays only watching tv." He reminded me. "Yes dad. Don't worry I will find one." I said. Then I rushly goes upstairs and take a bath, I decided to just wear a hoodies and a short and a sport shoes, done. And for my hair, I decided to make a simple braids with it. As I finish, I go downstairs and hug my dad first before l go out. "Be careful!!" as he kiss my forehead. I smile and walk right away to the academic, I put on my earphone as I walking and heard some songs from my ipod. 10 minutes later.. Finally, as I arrive at the studio I take out the studio keys and unlock the door. It seems like I'm the first one who's here. I straightly go to the dance studio that l have to clean, I know it sounds weird to clean the dance studio since we're just dancing its not like we're having party all night long, but it's because to make sure that the floor are being mop well cause it might cause injuries to the dancer as it is not a normal floor. After a few minutes, the studio start to be crowded as all the dancer have gather. " Hey girlfriend !" Ryan called me. " Hey there lover boy! " he giggled. We were besties since the first time I'm in London, he being so nice to me till now and not to forget Ashley. My favourite girl of all time, she's also one of my besties but the different between us is that she's more into the books but she's not around for the moment. She's doing a charity job at Africa , don't know when she's coming back. So now I just stick with Ryan. "So,what are you doing for the summer?" Ryan asked. "Not sure, my dad told me to get a job. So I'm still working on to find one." I winked. As time goes by, its already 5 in the evening and we all have finish our own dance routines. I usually walk home with Ryan as my accompany until " Attention please, Miss Bella Anne Riddle. Please come to the head office immediately." "What the heck? Have you done something wrong?!" Ryan worried. "Of course not. Am I the type of girl who would get in trouble??" I said. "Oh yeah. I forgot." " I'll see you around then. Bye-bye !!" I said childishly and he give me a big hug. "Mrs Dina," I opened the door. "Yes. Owh! Bella, come in and have a sit. I have something to discuss with you." I entered. Her office look really nice, although she's sometimes really weird. As I seat, she start to make some tea and give it to me politely. I take it and drink it slowly. "So, as you know, this academics are one of the most famous academics in London and we've been working with some of the famous celebrities company inhelping them to find a good choreographer. And one of the company are asking this academics to send the best choreographer for them to train their celebrity. So, in that case. The teachers have been discussing about this and decided to send you as the choreographer. Do you want this opportunities? " she holding my hand. I'm shock, and start to smile broadly. "I take that as a yes then. So, tomorrow is your last day here before you go on tour with them. Thank you Bella for all your support that you have done and have a great day." She shake her hand with me and I quickly walk out of her room. OMG! I just got a job, and it is not just a job! It's like the coolest job in the world to work with a celebrity! Never thought that it was that easy to get a job !!
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