C'mon C'mon

This story is about a girl who live in the U S and she and her friends get to go see one direction she is in love with harry but what she dont know is that harry seen her around and is following her he is in love with her to she just does not know it yet until they meet..


12. To the concert

I'm Paula's step-sister/co-editor, Katherineu. Everyone calls me Kat, so that is what I go by. I have long brown hair, halfway down my back. Hazel eyes(more green than anything else). I also LOVE sports (soccer<3, basketball, gymnastics, anything basically).

Kat's POV: When mom and dad came home and gave us the tickets, I almost passed out from the lack of breath from my screaming. Paula yelled at me for screaming so loud, and long. I could not wait. I know that it was only a little bit away, but I loved the fact that I could get to see One Direction. Wow, best surprise ever.

Paula's POV: Kat needs to calm down. Wow, my ears are killing me, thanks to Kat. One Direction. I've waited to meet them ever since they became a band, and finally, that day has came! Harry, I've, uhh, always had a thing for him. I know that if anyone else likes Louis, that Bre will try to hurt you. Kat has a thing for Niall, I mean, she could be a mini Niall, like with the way she acts. Hah, and call me mini Harry. I act EXACTLY like him. Wait, I'm just standing here, Bre and Kat is about to leave with out, me. WAIT UP!!!!!!!

BrePOV: So me and Kat are out in the car waiting for Paula to come and drive to see our boys we look really good so Paula finely came out and got in the car and we are off I keep telling Paula to hurry up because I wanted to see my boy boo bear but I think the boys are going to look at us like we are crazy well i'm not going to blame them because well we are lol.

PaulasPOV: YAY!!!!!!! where here so aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh the boys came out and we are in the front row and I think Harry looked at me but im not giving my hopes up they where singing one thing then more then this and a hole lost more and then they did the twitter thing and this girl ask if they would ever bring girls up on stag and Harry read that they asked each other and said that they never did it and that this would be a good time to do that they all looked around all they girl we screaming but me, Bre, and Kat was just standing there doing nothing well I look over and Niall went and got Kat Louis went to Bre and then I see a hand in my face I look up and see Harry standing there with his hand out to me omg this is the best day of my life.

KatsPOV: OMG!!!!!!!! Niall picked me to come up on stag with him ahhhhhhhhh best day ever all of us got who we wanted Paula got Harry Bre got Louis ahhhh they sung us a song and omg they took us back stag with them.

BresPOV: Ahhhhhhhhhhhh so the boys sung us a song and took us back stag all they girls that got picked with the boys with no girlfriends was holding hands with there boy so that was me and Louis Paula and Harry and Kat and Niall Liam and Zayn got girls that everyone knows about lol the other two girls had to go home but we didn't we all went to there dressing room and they where changing but not in fromt of us :(

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