C'mon C'mon

This story is about a girl who live in the U S and she and her friends get to go see one direction she is in love with harry but what she dont know is that harry seen her around and is following her he is in love with her to she just does not know it yet until they meet..


5. Party time

Paula's POV: so we got to the party there is a lot of people here inside and out and there is so many drunk people it's not even funny but what I thought that Bre drink I was wrong she dose not like to drink she was going crazy because she likes being around drunk people which I have to agree with her it is fun being around people that are drunk well Bre and I went to go dance on the dance floor we danced with a few guys and danced with each other after a few hours we left to go back to my place we order some pizza And watched some movies the first movie we watched was magic mike love the they got some sexy men on there are some sexy bitchs on there I'm telling you.


A/N Ik it's short but I'll make it up to y'all tomorrow 

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