C'mon C'mon

This story is about a girl who live in the U S and she and her friends get to go see one direction she is in love with harry but what she dont know is that harry seen her around and is following her he is in love with her to she just does not know it yet until they meet..


7. Hey sexy lady

So my and Bre are playing just dance 4 we did the one direction one about 10 times lol my parents are still gone but oh we'll they said when they come back that they got a surprise for me ahhh can't wait to see what it is they always get me things from where ever they go once they got me this cute bear I love it so much they got it from Kentucky my home state :) but anyways my parents come back in a few weeks and Bre been staying at my hours the whole time which I don't mine I love her over at my house she is like a sister to me we are mtbbffl ( ment to be best friends for life ) 




A/n will do more later

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