C'mon C'mon

This story is about a girl who live in the U S and she and her friends get to go see one direction she is in love with harry but what she dont know is that harry seen her around and is following her he is in love with her to she just does not know it yet until they meet..


2. Hey everyone

Hi everyone my name is Paula  I have blue eyes and blond hair  I love to act I would like to be an act in like a show or a movie I love music like MGK, BOTDF, of course  one direction, and I also like country music a lot as well I was borne in Kentucky but move to Florida then moved aging yeah a lot of moving for me but my friends and I get to go to London and meet one direction ahhh I can wait only one more week until we go yay!!! 


A/N: need people to be in this with me need like four more people so please comment or email me 

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