C'mon C'mon

This story is about a girl who live in the U S and she and her friends get to go see one direction she is in love with harry but what she dont know is that harry seen her around and is following her he is in love with her to she just does not know it yet until they meet..


9. Ahhhhh

Bre POV: ok so Paula's parents called me and told my that they are coming back early and to not tell her they also said that they got me something but won't say what it is oh well so I'm in her room with her watching tv she is in the shower it's about 8:00am and she takes so long in the shower it's not even funny and she only does it when I'm here because she knows it makes me mad but what she dont know is that I have a cup of ice water and I'm going to go in there and dump it on her and run awaway 


Bre walks in the bath room and Paula does not know she's in there because one she is sing over agin by 1D and Bre is being as quite as a cat coming to get its food she dumps it on her and Paula screaming and yelling at Bre for what she did haha to funny 


Paula's POV: so I'm in the shower taking my time because I know how Bre hats it so I start to sing over agin by my sing band that I wish to meet one direction xD well after a minutes I fell ice could water on my and I start yelling I knew who it was it is the only person in this house besides me Bre omg when I get out I'm going to get her from that. So I stay I. The shower a little longer to warm up then I got out and got my clothes on and went looking for Bre because she hid well when I went down stairs and seen her talking to someone but I went running and yell after her and she starts running after about a minut I seen who she was talking to it was my parents ( oh shit got real ) and they did not look happy but I stoped and said hi and I didn't know you were coming home earl and after I got on there good side they where going to give me and Bre our gifts


Paula's dads POV: ok girl when we where gone we got you some tickets to go see your fav band ONE DIRECTION!!!!!!! 

Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!! Went the girls 

still Paula's dads pov: so it's tonight you better go get ready before your late it starts at 8:00pm you have VIP passess and then the next day to spend a whole day with them 


A/N I will update more later I just have to go look for something then ill write more bye my love bugs

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