Our love story.

Araiana have been best friends with Justin Bieber, Ryan Butler and Chaz Somers since the first year of school. She's in love with Justin but can't tell him because of their friendship and his fame. What she dosen't know is that her friend Ryan likes her.


1. Part 1:

I woke up to the sun shining in my face. I closed my eyes again because of the stream of light getting in my eye. I turned around the face the whit wall. “(Y/N)! (Y/N)! Make breakfast for us!” The 3 sreaming guy voices that belongs to my 3 best friends, filled the room and woke me fully up. Chaz, Ryan and Justin. We all lived together, but when Justin were on tour it was just me, Chaz and Ryan. “mhm I’m sleepy” mumbled into my pillow. Well they still understood me. “We’re hungry” Ryan said. They couldn’t make food them self. Justin could only make noodles but we couldn’t always eat that. “Uh, no I’m tired” I said thowing one of my pillow over to them. Well I tried to hit them but it didn’t. Suddenly I got lifted up I looked at the face and it was Justin. “Beautiful, we want food” he said. How could I say no to that face? “Okay” I said, he put me down again and we all walked downside to the kitchen. I began making pancakes. Just walked into the kitchen standing right behind me. “Shall I put plates, forks and knifes at the table?” He asked rubbing my shoulders. Why did he have to do this? I would just fall even more in love. “Yes please” I said. And he get the things and walked away. “I’M HUNGRY!” Chaz yelled from the living room. “Eat Ryan” I heard Justin say. I giggled and made the last pancake.

I sat the plate with pancakes on the dinner table and called the boys. "Guys! Breakfast is ready!" I heard them all come running from the living room and they all sat down and began eating. I just laughed at them and sat down too and began eating. 
"So what are we gonna do today?" Chaz asked looking up, looking at us all. What they didn't know, was that i was gonna find a job today. Maybe I should tell them now? Well yeah.
"Um I'm gonna find a job" I said smiling at them. They looked weird at me then laughed. What?
"You working? You're so lazy how can you work?!" Ryan said still laughing, oh nice think about it. These guys is really my friends? Yeah I was lazy but i still needed a job?
"No no no, don't be mean" Justin said winking at me. I blushed... He could always make me blush! I hated it. I hated being in love with him.. My best friend..
"Okay lover boy" Ryan said with a girly voice, i giggled, Justin slapped the back of his head and me and Chaz began laughing so hard.
"Can't you wait until tomorrow? Then we can go the the beach?" Justin said smiling at me and then made a puppy dag face. How could i say no now?
"Okay.." I said looking down then up again and saw them all smiling.
All were done eating so i took the plates and washed them, then I feelt two pair of hands on my hips. I turned around and saw Justin smiling at me and I smiled back.
"Go pack for the beach baby" He said winking at me. I loved when he called me baby but I still hated it... It just made me fall even more for him. I just nooded and walked upstairs and found a bikini and a sun dress. I walked to the bathroom and changed then walked into my room again and packed some stuff. I walked downstairs and saw all the boys waiting for me.

We got to the beach and all the boys took their shirts and ran into the water. I took my dress off and laid down on my towel. After sometime I heard all the boys come running back and laid down on their towels. We talked for a while. We stopped talking and I feelt my body getting lifted up and it was Justin. He ran into the water with me while I was sreaming for him to put me down. But did he do it? No.


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