Dip Dyed.

Jay or Jaycee how people call her is a nerdy girl. she pretend to be nerdy but really has a secret life, she is famous but yet dosent want to be treated like roaltly. one day a popular at school dares her to enter a school 1D contest. But she wins . She is best freinds with 1D and there girl friends. Know will she fall n love or will she be crushed.


4. Freakin' Styles

The words, felt like i already knew them so clearly , " LOOK HARRY I KNOW YOU HAVE A MAJOR CRUSH ON ME BUT ..JUST LET ME LIVE MY LIFE..FreakIn' HARRY STYLES.By the time zayn helped me up harry was stunned.I slipped on my toms that feel off and me and zayn started to go down the stairs well zayn did .Before i was able to go down anymore i got spun around . breaking the silence he kissed me and only a nudge whispered said  , think about it . I went down the stairs and practically almost fell  into zayn while he was leaning against the stair exit. I follow him which seemed like hours walking down street after street till finally my eyes got blurry after minutes of zayn guiding me and talking to me he reavailed my eyes to a beautiful waterfall.





Authours message



Sorry for short chapter but i went through the whole story changing it 

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