Dip Dyed.

Jay or Jaycee how people call her is a nerdy girl. she pretend to be nerdy but really has a secret life, she is famous but yet dosent want to be treated like roaltly. one day a popular at school dares her to enter a school 1D contest. But she wins . She is best freinds with 1D and there girl friends. Know will she fall n love or will she be crushed.


1. AdNormal

i couldn't believe  let them talk me into this . i entered a contest for 1d and their girlfriends. but i hang out with them every day.As soon as school was over i got my ripstick out of my back pack and road it down to the little ally. after no one reconized me i jumped the gate and knocked on a back door to the grand hotel. Paul brought me in ; if you dont know Paul is 1 directions security guard , but he is like a dad to me . He turned around and i hoped on his back . Giddy up your too fat ! paul glared but dropped me off at the elevator. he got in and i danced to the elevator music which happend to be wings by little mix.

         " how was your day ? " Paul asked.

                " Good, but people talked me into entering a 1D contest." i said , taking off my fake glasses and  scarf.

     " i think its time you start getting ride of your fake self." Paul said.

  " i'll think about it when you catch me !" i said , and in que the elevator opened and i ran out rang there door and ran in circles from paul. Paul caught me and i sighed . Fine , i wont pretend.In order Zayn , Niall , Harry , Louis and Liam were standing at the door. Eleanor was siting next to Louis and Daniella was siting next to Liam. but Perrie was walking down the stairs leaving.


I opened up Imessage and started texting EL  or Ellie how i like to call her.

what happened with Perrie - Jaycee

breakup -El

Ouch. - Jaycee

Someone is staring at you ;) - El

 I locked my phone and looked up, shoving it into my front pocket of my shorts.. Zayn put his hat on my head. I wiggled my eyebrows trying to get the hat to move . I finally gave up took it off and read it. ' Don't touch the eye patch bro ' it said. I looked at Zayn and silently laughed to my self blushing a tiny bit. 

" Thanks you know me to well .. one sec bro"I said , and starting walking up the stairs leading to the bedrooms and walked into my comfy bedroom.


     Zayn's P.O.V 

I was kind of  happy to know that i broke up with Perrie. She even admitted to me that she cheated, I knew their was soemthing wrong with Perrie , undescribable. When Jay came back she had a fake mustache in her hand. She put it on me and then handed me a hat. Since every one else were in the hall we exchanged smirks. She knew what i was thinking what can i say we're crazy.. well in a good way atleast. I put a eye patch on her and she put the hat on me ..same old Jaycee.

Jaycee's P.O.V 


i put his mustache hat on him and crawled on his back. as he gave me a piggyback down the hall way.we made are way down the hall making sure to ring all the door bells yelling .. lemme repeat YELLING , "BLACK BEARD IS COMMING , BLACK BEARD IS COMMING  we ended up falling on the floor. every one went inside , and from what i heard niall must have been hungrry. I went to reach for zayn's hand after he started to help me up , but i tripped and let's just say instead of getting up the right way i had a introduction to his lips .


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