Dip Dyed.

Jay or Jaycee how people call her is a nerdy girl. she pretend to be nerdy but really has a secret life, she is famous but yet dosent want to be treated like roaltly. one day a popular at school dares her to enter a school 1D contest. But she wins . She is best freinds with 1D and there girl friends. Know will she fall n love or will she be crushed.


7. A New low and Curls

And I entered the building peoples eyes started at me they still didn't know that I was jay . noobs.. of lord here comes queen popular Ryley and her sidekick Cheyenne.long story short Cheyenne was nice but Ryley always bossed her around me and Chey as people call her are kinda like 3rd cousins and Ryley well she's envious of it I tell yah.

 "Hey I'm Ryley would you like to sit with us sat lunch?"Ryley said giving me the cold smile , at first anyone would fall for it ..well if you go to the school at least . Ryley was the same girl who made me enter the contest. I nodded but then stared at her.

  "In one condition ." I said faking a u.s.a accent 

     She tilted her head sand smiled or smirked how me and everyone else saw it ..

   "Yes sure anything you'd like !" She beamed , their was problem not enough memory in her brain for her to process.She walked away and I walked over to Rosselina my best friend.

   "Excussd me" she said looking up worried. Oh no she said to me , I nodded 

   "why are WE gonna sit with them ?!?!"Rosalinda asked.


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