Dip Dyed.

Jay or Jaycee how people call her is a nerdy girl. she pretend to be nerdy but really has a secret life, she is famous but yet dosent want to be treated like roaltly. one day a popular at school dares her to enter a school 1D contest. But she wins . She is best freinds with 1D and there girl friends. Know will she fall n love or will she be crushed.


8. A New low and Curls Part 2

It was time for lunch, i was getting some lunch money from my locker in my backpack when Ryley walked over,..


"Hey ? uh what should i call you?"I cursed under my breath and then look up and smile. hmm Jaycee..,Jay no to obvious , AHA!

 Agian faking my accent,"Jacqueline , or Jacky as some people call me, would be fine." I simply replied


  "Ok jacks ok got a nice ring to it," I nodded and turned to my locker as she waited for me, my fake glasses fell out of my bag."shit.."I muttered under my breath. 

  "Oh hey you dropped something.."She said bending down to pick up the glasses while managing to show half of her underwear on purpose.Before she fully came up and looked at me i managed to roll my eyes.

  "Oh psh, those saw a nerd down the street trying at least to skip school, i took their glasses popped out the lenses and kept them.kewl ey."I said and added in " sorry 'bout that half french candian".

She nodded and handed me my popped out lense glasses and i put them on.phew! i put on a SWAG black beanie and put on my glasses.

     *****************************AFTER SCHOOL BACK AT THE HOUSE ************

The boys just left for a interview but harry didnt feel so well so stayed behind with me.we were talking and i was going to give him my answer right uhh i dont know if--

 *someone knocks on door and harry opens it*

OWO who is their i thought, i heared gigles and a kiss.Harry turned around and looked at me then stepped aside. Their was a girl brown hair 'litle at the tips and root.

 "Hallo im Makayla-"she blushed,"Harrah's girlfriend,"She said.

"kewl!"i said 'i erm gtg bye', i said, as i walked by harry i turned to them you could clearly see the tears in my eyes , i flicked one tear of my eyes it landed on harry's shirt. I quickly grabbed my messenger bag and went down the flight of stairs. I really liked Makayla i think we'd be best friends and all but i just couldn't believe harreh. I could here them talking or running i couldn't tell anymore it kinda sounding like screaming all of the above.My ears they were flooded , since i was running the tears were escaping into my ears. I ran to rosy's house. Since the boys barley new her i decided it was the perfect place , then we'd probably go somewhere from their.


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