Dip Dyed.

Jay or Jaycee how people call her is a nerdy girl. she pretend to be nerdy but really has a secret life, she is famous but yet dosent want to be treated like roaltly. one day a popular at school dares her to enter a school 1D contest. But she wins . She is best freinds with 1D and there girl friends. Know will she fall n love or will she be crushed.


5. A Date



sorry I haven't been updating >.> well hopefully this will be a long chapter typing on a tablet on chrome so kinds hard sell anyways time to start ×.×


jaycee's P.O.V

It was so pretty a outdoor waterfall in a groove . he pated me a seat so I sat down .

 "So what do you want to do ?" I said .

  "Wanna swim?" zayn replied

I nodded and he took of his shirt and I took of my clothes leaving us in underwear and we jumped in ..(Skipping to them commming back )

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