Falling In Love With Liam Payne

Allison Is Starting A College In Europe. She Is EXTREMELY excited Because she know 'the boys' live in Europe She hopes she gets to met one at least one but she never imagines falling in love with one of them


2. The Airport

Allison's P.O.V.

After the problems with the tickets I ended up getting first class because of my mom and how good she is at talking to people. After me and my mom said our good byes I found my seat on the plane and found out who I was sitting beside. It just so happened to be the one and only Louis Tomplinson. After the extremely long plane ride, and getting to meet one of my idols. Louis told me about how Liam just got out of a relationship with Danielle and how upset he was about it. After the plane had landed Louis gave me his number and told me to text or call him if i ever need help or anything i said absolutely. After figuring out Louis was talking about Liam because he thought me and Liam would be cute together I realized after i texted the number that it wasn't even his! 

It Was Liam's!






Sorry for the Sucky Chapter Guys i really wanted to update so this is what i got. 

This is my first fanfic so im sorry if its not like everyone had expected.

Thanks for Reading

~ Allison_Hope <3

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