Falling In Love With Liam Payne

Allison Is Starting A College In Europe. She Is EXTREMELY excited Because she know 'the boys' live in Europe She hopes she gets to met one at least one but she never imagines falling in love with one of them


1. Moving To Europe

Allison P.O.V.

" Allison Hope Martin! Get Out Of That Bed Or You Are Going To Miss Your Flight!!" my kept screaming at me. Its not that I didn't want to go to Europe and start my life its that its 2 in the Morning and i'm supposed to be at the airport at 3. I already told her that i was going to get on the plane in my pajamas, but she insisted that i get up and get dressed. If there is one thing about my mom is that you can never ever win a fight against her. So i got up but on sweats and a tank top. I Grab all my luggage and headed out the door to the kitchen, where i found my mom sitting there at the table with a tear in her eye. I knew this was going to be hard for not just me, but her as well. Ever since my dad died 4 years ago, it has just been me and my mom. Now that i'm going to Europe, its just going to be her. 

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