A Million Miles Away: Discontinued

Aubrey has a luxurious life her brother is Louis Tomlinson so she could do anything she wants if she really wanted to. She could date any singer or actor and do any job but she decides spending it with her brother and his 4 best friends. Aubrey is best of friends with all the guys especially Harry. They've known each other since they were both 16. But what happens when Harry falls for her? Will they live happily ever? Will any of them? Read more to find out about there drama filled life. Like it up favorite it and become a fan


17. The Plane Ride

Aubrey's P.O.V.


    We arrived at the airport and found the rest of the gang inside. "Did you know about this vacation?" Alicia asked me. "No he surprised me in the car!" I laughed. "They all Told us when we were at home about to leave" Aly said. "This is gonna be the best!" Lamal squealed. I jumped up and Harry held me up and we just kissed and kissed. "So Zayn did you pack good clothes?" I asked. "Yes I made Alicia look through it" he answered. "Thanks Zayney" I said hugging him. "You're welcome Aub's" He replied. "When are we leaving I'm getting bored" I complained. "In like 30 mins" Niall said.


     "Finally!" I said. "Harry my feet hurt and I'm tired" I said leaning my head on his shoulder. "Hop on me lady" He said bending over. "Ok and are we riding first class?" I asked yawning. "Yea so there will be nice comfy seats" Harry said. We gave them our tickets me still on Harry's back and got on the plane. Harry and I sat together while Alicia and Niall sat across from us, Louis sat with Liam and Aly and some girl sat across from them,and Zayn and Lamal sat right behind us. After the plane took off we talked for a while and played truth or dare until it got really late and I started dozing off.


Zayn's P.O.V.


   I really want to tell everyone that Lamal and I are dating now but I think I need to wait till we get on the crusie. "Zayn?" "Yes Lamal?" "When are we gonna tell the rest of the gang we're dating?" "Soon babey soon" I answered. "Ok" she said yawning. "Just go to sleep ok? I know you're tired" I said. She listened and dozed off.


   The plane ride was long and so I decided to watch a movie. I picked Friends With Benefits because I love that movie. I watched it and then watched another movie. After the second movie was over I started dozing off last thing I remember was Lamal resting her head on my shoulder.

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