A Million Miles Away: Discontinued

Aubrey has a luxurious life her brother is Louis Tomlinson so she could do anything she wants if she really wanted to. She could date any singer or actor and do any job but she decides spending it with her brother and his 4 best friends. Aubrey is best of friends with all the guys especially Harry. They've known each other since they were both 16. But what happens when Harry falls for her? Will they live happily ever? Will any of them? Read more to find out about there drama filled life. Like it up favorite it and become a fan


6. The Date

Niall's P.O.V.


   I stayed up all night texting with Alicia I just think she's amazing so I asked her on a date and she actually said yes! This has to be perfect so I was gonna need help from no other than Harry Styles and Aubrey Tomlinson. "Hey Aubrey and Harry can you help me with something?" they both shook their heads yes and then changed.


   "Alright Niall what are we doing?" Aubrey asked. "I need you guys to help me plan a date with Alicia" I said while we got into the car. "Ok lets do this" Harry said. "What do you want the date to be like?" Aubrey asked. "A picnic because she likes the outdoors" I stated. "Ok we need to get food, a blanket, flowers, and an umbrella" Harry said. With that we went to Wal Mart.


   Alicia's P.O.V.


    I looked at the clock and realised it was 11:00 a.m. which ment I needed to get ready for my date with Niall. I ran to the bathroom and took a shower. "Shampoo in my hair soap on my body" don't ask why I sing that, long story. After I got out I blow dried my hair and then curled it. When I finished I changed into some skinny jeans and a baby blue blouse. For my make up I did smoky eyes with some pink lip stick. I ran dow the stairs with my high heel boots clacking on the wood when the doorbell rang. I opened the doorto see Niall on the other side. "Hey Alicia" he greeted givig me a hug. "Hi Niall" I said back. "So where are you taking me?" I questioned. "It's a suprise" he said with a smirk. I rolled my eyes and walked to his car. After he started the car 'Drunk' by Ed Sheeran came on the radio so I started singing it. It took forever to get where we were going but we finally got there


."Aww Nialler!" there was a picnic in a pretty field with flowers everywhere. "It's so beautiful" "Just like you" Niall said. "How'd you pull this off with out anything getting ruined?" I asked. "You should thank those 2 over there" he said pointing at a couple snogging. "Hey you 2 go get a room!" Niall yelled. They both turned at us blushing. " Thanks guys for helping him out on this!" I yelled then they gave a thumbs up.


   The rest of the afternoon we snacked and talked about ourselves. We both laughed at each others jokes and when we told funny stories. By the time we were done it was 6:00 p.m. so we started to head home. I must have fallen asleep in the car because Niall had to wake me up so I could get out. He kissed my cheek and said he'll call me later. I walked inside with a big grin thinking 'This was the best day ever!'

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