A Million Miles Away: Discontinued

Aubrey has a luxurious life her brother is Louis Tomlinson so she could do anything she wants if she really wanted to. She could date any singer or actor and do any job but she decides spending it with her brother and his 4 best friends. Aubrey is best of friends with all the guys especially Harry. They've known each other since they were both 16. But what happens when Harry falls for her? Will they live happily ever? Will any of them? Read more to find out about there drama filled life. Like it up favorite it and become a fan


24. Louis and Aly finally

Aubrey's P.O.V.


   "Well that guy didn't know how to have fun" Lamal said. "He was jealous of our coolness" Louis said.  "I'm hungry" I said. "Babe you're like a mini Niall Horan" Harry said. "Well we've been here for like 3 hours so I'm pretty hungry" I said. "You should get the pizza it's really good" Niall said. "Ok Nialler" I said. The rest went back to the room to change but Harry and I went to deck 5. I threw on my cover up and flip flops out of my bag and Harry put a shirt on and flip flops too. "Hi how may I help you?" A lady asked. 'Yeah can I get 10 slices of cheese pizza?" I asked. "Damn babe" Harry said. "Well some for you too I'm not gonna eat it all" I giggled. We got the pizza and went back to the room.


    "I'm gonna go take a shower" I said. "Hurry up before the pizza gets cold"  Harry stated. "I will" I said walking into the bathroom. I quickly hopped into the shower and washed my hair.  I walked out with a towel around me and wrapped in my hair. I grabbed my ripped galaxy short shorts that were purple and indigo blue then my black DC shirt with my black and white DC's. "Hey you're here" Harry said eating a slice of pizza. We split it so we both had 5 slices. Harry just changed into skinny jeans and his converse. We finished the pizza and went out on the bacony.


    "Aubrey! I need to tell you,Alicia,and Lamal something!" Aly said. "Ok lets go in the hall" Alicia said. We walked out to the hall so she could tell us. "So what are you wanting to tell us?" Lamal asked. "Louis asked me out on a date!" She squealed. "OMFG really?! When?" I asked. "When I got out of the bathroom from changing!" She said. "Aww yay but now we need to get Liam a girl" Alicia said. "Well he told me he met this girl at the grocery store last week" I said. "Whats her name?" Aly asked. "Amber I think" I said. "I like her name" Lamal said. "Liam said that she wasn't like any other girl she was so beautiful" I said. "Well lets go back to the balcony's" Alicia said.


   We got back to the guys on te balcony with smiles on our faces. I layed with Harry on the deck chair like at the pools and we cuddled. Alicia sat on Nialls lap, Lamal looked over the railing with Zayn, and Louis and Aly put there feets in the hot tub with Liam. We're like a huge family when we're together. Liam was like our dad but  we never listened to him andwe were all the bad little kids. Living with boys for a while can change you I've learned to act like them so my manners aren't the best. For the next hour or so we just sat out there talking about random shit.

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