A Million Miles Away: Discontinued

Aubrey has a luxurious life her brother is Louis Tomlinson so she could do anything she wants if she really wanted to. She could date any singer or actor and do any job but she decides spending it with her brother and his 4 best friends. Aubrey is best of friends with all the guys especially Harry. They've known each other since they were both 16. But what happens when Harry falls for her? Will they live happily ever? Will any of them? Read more to find out about there drama filled life. Like it up favorite it and become a fan


32. Falmouth, Jamaica

Aubrey's P.O.V.


   "You guys got everything?" Niall asked putting a shirt on. "YEAH!" Alicia yelled from the other room. "Well come on!" Harry said. "Coming!" She said running out of the room. We met the others by the elevators and went down to deck 1. We went through security and then were off the boat. "We're in Jamaica mon" Zayn yelled in a Jamaican accent. "Well we need to get to our driver or we won't be doing anything" Lamal said. "Here is everyone's tickets" Liam said handing them out to everyone. "Let's go!" Harry said taking my hand. We ran till we found the sign for the river tubing and got in line.


   "Welcome to Falmouth, Jamaica! We are your drivers to take you to your destination" A lady said. "You will be river tubing in the Rio Buena river today" She said. She led us to a bus and took our tickets. We sat towards the back so no one would notice us. "Alright is everyone ready?!" The bus driver said. Everyone said yes and we were on the road. "While driving you could see all of the houses and saw wild goats everywhere. We learned that when they built houses they used all of there supplies to build it and when they got more they didn't finish the part they were building they started building a new part. We also learned that there are really rough parts in Jamaica but we were safe.


    "Alright everything that you don't want to get wet put it under your seat and you will get it when your done" The lady said. We placed our drawstring bags and shoes under our seats and got out. We went up to a counter to get helmets and got tubes. All 9 of us were one group because it would be too big of a group with everyone else. "Hello I'm Elvis and I will be your tour guide" A man said. We all walked over a bridge and started walking down in the jungle.


   "So your really named Elvis?" Louis asked. "Yes thats my real name" The man said. "Your mom liked Elvis I'm guessing" Louis smiled. "Yes she was a big fan" Elvis said. "So are you origanly from here?" Liam asked. "Yes I grew up here and I do this for a living now" Elvis smiled. "So where are you guys from" Elvis asked. "We're all from Enlgand except for Niall he's from Ireland" I said pointing to him. "Ah so you must've traveled far" Elvis said. "Yeah it actually took us 14 hours to fly here" Alicia said. "What do you all do for a living?" Elvis asked. "Well all of us guys are One Direction, My sister Aubrey actually lives with us, Alicia works as a waitress, Lamal works as a nail artist, and Aly doesn't work anymore" Louis said. "Oh yes I've heard of you guys very big fans here in Jamaica" Elvis laughed. "We talked some more and then got to where we get into the water.


   "Ok you are going to be the leader of the group" Elvis said helping Liam into the water. I went after, then Harry, Alicia, Niall, Aly, Louis, Lamal, and Zayn."Ok when you get close to the bank of the river just use your feet to push off because you don't wanna saperate the rest of the group from you" Elvis adviced. Elvis was laying on a small board behind us and paddled along with us. It was never really rough at all. We just got splashed with water sometimes but that was it. We floated for a long time till we got to a rope swing.



     "Alright we stop here for a little bit then we continue" Elvis said. He helped us out of the water and we grabbed out tubes. The line wasn't too long and it moved really fast. "Alright grab up here and then put the end of the rope between your legs then pick up your feet" A man said. "I will tell you when to let go" He said. I picked my feet up and then I was over the water. "LET GO!" the man yelled so I could here him. I let go and landed in the water. I came back up and started swimming till I realized I could touch the bottom. I walked back over to where some rock stairs were and got out. I went again and then was done. After Louis went we got back to the tour.


    We kept floating till Elvis said "It gets really shallow here and this is when you get out" We all got up and walked to where we give them our tubes. "We stood in the water till the boat came back for us. There were 3 boys that helped deflait the tubes that were just sitting on some. Harry being the person he is he walked over to them and started a conversation. I walked over to where he was and sat with him. They talked about where the most dangerous part in Jamaica was and about school. We told them about school in England and other things.


    "They skip school to help here" Elvis told us all. The boat came back and we got on. It drove into the ocean a bit and stopped at a beach. We got into the water and it was really warm but we had to get on the bus. We said bye to Elvis and returned our helmets and thanked him. "That was really fun" Aly said. "Yeah" Zayn agreed. We all got back on the bus and wrapped our towels around us. I got really cold and sat really close to Harry to stay warm. When we got back we went to shop.


   All of us girls threw on our cover ups and the boys left there shirts on. We looked around for some bracelets that matched so we would all have the same. We found one with the Jamaican colors and it said Jamaica so we got 9. I then got 2 more bracelets and then got a turtle that was carved that said Jamaica. When we finished shopping we got back on the boat.

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