A Million Miles Away: Discontinued

Aubrey has a luxurious life her brother is Louis Tomlinson so she could do anything she wants if she really wanted to. She could date any singer or actor and do any job but she decides spending it with her brother and his 4 best friends. Aubrey is best of friends with all the guys especially Harry. They've known each other since they were both 16. But what happens when Harry falls for her? Will they live happily ever? Will any of them? Read more to find out about there drama filled life. Like it up favorite it and become a fan


36. Dodgeball

Aubrey's P.O.V.


    "I'm getting in the shower because I'm fucking cold" I said running to the bathroom. I turned the shower on and turned the dial to hot to warm up. I got out threw some short sorts on, a tank top, and my converse. I but my hair up in a pony tail and put some casual make up on. "Hey we should go play dodge ball or something" I suggested. "Yeah that would be fun" Liam said. We waited for everyone to finish taking there showers and went to deck 13. We walked to the sports court and picked boys against girls. "Hey that's not fair there's more of you guys than us" Alicia complained. "Well too bad" Louis said. "Fine" We all said. "Whoever gets all of the other teams players out is the winner then we play 2 more rounds" Niall said. "Deal, But be prepared to lose" I smirked.


     We were almost finished with the first round and Alicia and I were still playing but it was only Louis and Liam left. We both teamed up and hit Liam in the chest so he was out when Louis threw a ball at Alicia and hit her in the boob. "Alicia!" I said running over to her while she was bent over. "I've been hit where it hurts most on a girl beat his ass for me" She whispered walking over to the wall after we high fived. "Looks like it's just me and you" Louis grinned. "You violated the dodge ball code you're going down" I smiled. I walked back to my side far enough away from the line. Louis threw a ball at me but I jumped over it then I threw a ball at him and barely missed him. He threw another ball but I slid to the left. I grabbed a ball from the ground and aimed as best I could really fast and chucked the ball at him hitting him in the balls. "OOOH YOU JUST GOT BEAT BY A GIRL" I yelled. I walked over to him and whispered in his ear "Don't hit a girl in the boob and you won't get hit in the balls" I walked away to Alicia. "You won for me boo bear" She said. "Hell yeah babey nobody hits my friend there" I giggled then we played another game.


    We lined all of the balls on the line so we could start. We all yelled go running to the line and grabbing a ball. We chucked 4 at Liam then some at Louis. We got Louis out and It was Lamal and I left and Niall and Zayn left. "We need to team up on one and then the other" I whispered. We agreed on one an then high fived. We through the ball at Zayn hitting him in the leg and stomach. "Alright it's just little Nialler left" Lamal teased. "Come on Niall make daddy Direction proud" Liam yelled. He threw a ball at Lamal but he missed. We went to either side of the court and threw the balls at him hitting him in the shoulder and arm. "Yeah we are the champions and we'll keep on fighting to the end" We both sang. Then we started the last round.


    All of us girls quickly got 2 out losing some team mates but then we got 2 more out. Harry and I were the only ones left. "I gotta say babe you're pretty good" Harry smirked. "Thanks it's what you call a smack down" I said. "I hate to break it to you but you're not gonna win" Harry said. "Alright Styles if that's how we're gonna play bring it on" I smiled. We must've been playing for a while because everyone was complaining. "Come on beat him already!" Aly yelled. "You can beat her!" Zayn yelled. Finally Harry threw a ball coming straight for me but luckily I caught it. Haha I won you lost I won you lost" I started bragging. "Haha" Harry fake laughed. "Aubrey Aubrey Aubrey " All of the girls chanted. We all laughed and left to go eat.


    "The Windjammer where you can eat all of the food you want" Niall started singing. "That should like be our thing when we eat here we should just start singing that" Alicia said. "Yeah that should be fun" Aly said. We all harmonized and started singing that. "I'll be back in like 10 minutes" I giggled. "Watch her and Niall come back with 5 plates of food" Liam said. I walked over got some pizza, a cheese burger, some fries, and a hotdog. I walked back and put my plate down and left again. I got a salad and some dessert. "Well someone must be hungry" Harry said. "Yeah I haven't eaten since this morning" I said. I finished all of my food and then ate dessert. "You gonna eat that?" I asked Lamal with a plate of pizza left. I ate her pizza in like 10 seconds. After everyone was done eating we walked around some.

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