A Million Miles Away: Discontinued

Aubrey has a luxurious life her brother is Louis Tomlinson so she could do anything she wants if she really wanted to. She could date any singer or actor and do any job but she decides spending it with her brother and his 4 best friends. Aubrey is best of friends with all the guys especially Harry. They've known each other since they were both 16. But what happens when Harry falls for her? Will they live happily ever? Will any of them? Read more to find out about there drama filled life. Like it up favorite it and become a fan


65. Accident

Aubrey's P.O.V.


      It was 5 in the morning and we driving Justin there. We parked and walked in with him. He saw Scooter Braun and we said hi to him. "Now boarding for flight 477" A lady spoke into a speaker. "Well that's my flight" Justin said sad. "Bye Justin I love you" I said of course as if he was my brother. "Don't change" Justin smiled. "I won't I promise. Stay swaggy" I smiled. Justin walked with Scooter onto the plane. "When will we see you again" I yelled. "Christmas or sooner" Justin yelled then we couldn't see him anymore. "Well lets get home" Harry said. We walked back out to see flashing of cameras and questions be yelled at us. We just ignored them and got to the van and drove home.


       "I'm going back to bed" I said walking upstairs. I fell into my bed and put earphones in. I went on my phone and listened to my playlists to fall asleep. I must have slept for a while because it was almost 11 when I got up. "Good morning million dollar baby" Harry said kissing me when I was at the bottom of the stairs. "Hi Hazza" I smiled. "Look sleeping beauty is up" Louis smiled his eyes crinkling. "Hi bro" I said sitting on his lap. "Get up you weigh a ton" Louis said pushing off. "Wow my brother just called me fat" I said shunning him. "I was joking you're perfect" Louis said hugging me. "Aw you're the sweetest brother" Aly said. "Guys we need to get to the hospital fast!" Zayn yelled. "What's happening?" I asked. "Lamal got in wreck" Zayn said panicking. I didn't care that I was wearing my p.j.'s I just ran to the car.


     Zayn sped to the hospital. "We're here for Lamal Martinez" Zayn said. "You can't see her right now" The lady said. "What? Why?" Zayn yelled. "She's in surgery" The lady answered. "OK thank you" Zayn said. Zayn looked like he was going to cry. "Zayn mate, she'll be fine" Niall said patting his back. "Zayn she's a strong girl" I said hugging him. We sat waiting and waiting for the doctor.


Lamal's P.O.V.


    "Hey I'm going to the store for orange juice" I told Zayn. "OK hurry back" Zayn said giving me a quick kiss. I grabbed my keys and headed out the door. I pulled out of the driveway and headed down the road. I turned my radio on and found 'Radioactive' on a station. I was singing it when there was a red light. I stopped and waited till It turned green. When it turned green I started driving.


     Everything happened so fast and I could barely see a thing. I felt a sharp pain in my left leg and my head was pounding. I was laying on the ground in extreme pain. I saw blood on my arm dripping onto the gravel. The last thing I remember was hearing sirens and seeing lights flashing.


    We sat in the waiting room when the doctor came out. "Who's here for Lamal Martinez?" He asked. All nine of us stood up looking at him. "Who's Zayn?" He asked. Zayn raised his hand and walked to the doctor. "Follow me" He said. He walked Zayn through the double doors and down the hall. We all sat back down in our chairs and I slumped down in my seat. Zayn came back out and walked to us. "Can we all see her?" Alicia asked. "Yeah I'll show you her room" Zayn said. We walked down the hall to her room.


      We walked in and saw her lying in bed. She had stitches all up her arm, her head was wrapped in bandages, and her leg was wrapped and had some stitches. "Hey Lamal" Amber said sitting down. Zayn walked to her side and held her hand. "How are you doing?" Liam asked. "I could be better" Lamal said. "Well all that matters is that you're OK" Harry said. We sat in her room talking for a while when the doctor came in. "We're going to keep her overnight and see how much she improves" He said. The doctor left the room and Zayn stood up. "I'm going to stay with her overnight" Zayn said. "I'll stay too" I said. "No you need your sleep" Zayn said. "Fine" I said rolling my eyes. We stayed till almost 8 then we had to go.


       "Bye guys" We all waved to Zayn and Lamal. We walked out of the room and back out. "I need some food in me I didn't really eat today" I said. We stopped by Mc. Donalds on the way home for some food. After we got home we watched some TV and movies. I didn't stay up that late and fell asleep.

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