The Afterlife Scene

Annie Seville is a total cynic. She never believed in bad luck or karma. She didn't believe in destiny or fate. And she especially didn't believe in the afterlife. So when Annie is killed in a car crash, where does her spirit take her?


3. The Hovering Staircase

Annie woke up in some kind of field. How did I get here? I was in the city a few moments ago! She took a look around, rubbing her eyes viciously, hoping that when she reopened her eyes, she would be back home.

But, of course, when she reopened them, she was exactly where she had woken up. She couldn’t help but admire the beautiful of this place however.

She was sat bang in the middle of a field of lush green grass. Flowers of

all different colours were dotted prettily around her. A forest sat behind her. Just above the tree tops you could see the city. Annie began to get up. I need to go home.

“Annie,” A voice called from behind her. She turned. Before her stood a woman with white hair that cascaded down her back in ringlets and soft blue eyes that reminded her of the shallow end of a pool. Safe and calm.

“You have wandered too far to go back, my dear.” The beautiful woman told her. Annie stared quizzically at her. What are you talking about? I can practically see my house from here! She thought, irritated.

“I don’t know what you mean.” Annie replied, stealing a hopeful glance at the city again. The white woman stepped forwards, smiling, her almost bridal looking dress trailing elegantly behind her.

“You must cross over now, Annie.” She told her, stroking Annie’s cheek affectionately. What? Cross where. As if reading her mind, the lady gestured behind her to the edge of a mountain that overlooked an azure sea. What startled her most was that there was a stone staircase reaching over the sea, leading up into the clouds before disappearing from sight. Flowers grew along the edges of the pathway and birds flew alongside it, chirping merrily. Annie stared in wonder. This has to be a dream.

“You must cross.” The lady told her, speaking as if to a stubborn child.

“But-but what about my home? My family?” She asked hurriedly. The woman shushed her patiently, looking pitifully down on Annie. Then it dawned on her.

“No.” Annie cried. “No, I’m not dead.” She glared at the lady defiantly. “I won’t cross over. You can’t make me.” The woman waited patiently as Annie continued to rant. It wasn’t long before she collapsed on the ground, sobbing.

“I can’t be dead.” She muttered, burying her head in her hands. The lady knelt beside her, stroking Annie’s dark curly hair.

“This is not the end, Annie.” She replied in her silky voice. “There is a whole other experience waiting for you. It is not something to be afraid of.” Annie looked up at her gratefully and wiped her eyes.  She took the woman’s outstretched hand and began to ascend the strangest staircase ever.

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