The Afterlife Scene

Annie Seville is a total cynic. She never believed in bad luck or karma. She didn't believe in destiny or fate. And she especially didn't believe in the afterlife. So when Annie is killed in a car crash, where does her spirit take her?


2. Hell and Silence

Annie walked silently home by herself. Her best friend, Tash, had called in sick again, leaving Annie to walk alone. She put on a brave face, even when people came up to her and made stupid comments just to look funny in front of their friends. She held her tongue to make sure nothing rude slipped out, no matter how much she wanted to yell at them.

It’s just a few blocks away, she thought to herself. I’ll be home in no time. She chanted it like a mantra in her head, holding onto it with both hands.

Two girls from the year below were walking in front of her, their skirts hiked ridiculously high, their hair piled upon their heads and their schools jumpers tied with a hair band at the back. Annie would have liked nothing more than to run up behind them, yank down their skirts, release their hair and then run off again. But alas, she didn’t, no matter how much she wanted to.

“So, what do you think, Brit?” The brunette asked her friend. “About the afterlife, I mean.” Her friend, Brit, considered this for a moment. Annie felt herself rolling her eyes. So they were stupid as well as slutty. Great, just great.

No matter how many times she tried to stop herself, Annie had always been judgmental. It’s a horrid thing to be and she couldn’t help herself but whenever she saw girls with short skirts she thought of sluts. Whenever she saw guys kicking a football around, she thought either jocks or jerks. Whenever she saw someone with glasses and a backpack, she thought nerd. It’s a terrible affliction and she hated herself for it.

“Well, Mum’s all Christian and that and thinks she gonna go to heaven.” Brit replied to her friend. “If she saw me now, she’d tell me I’m going straight to the devil.” A smirk whipped across Brit’s face and her friend giggled.

“I like the whole reincarnation thing.” The brunette told Brit. “I want to be born again. How cool would that be?” Annie felt herself gritting her teeth. She couldn’t bear to listen to these girls anymore. She had to get away so she wouldn’t do or say anything she’d regret.

So Annie crossed the street, giving a fleeting look over her shoulder. And in that last couple of seconds, as she caught Brit’s eye, a car slammed into Annie’s fragile body, sending her flying.

Time slowed down. Annie felt herself whirling through the air like a bird. She could see the birds looking down on her almost pityingly. She continued to fly and sail through the air, fighting back the urge to laugh and scream the whole way.

I should be thinking about something important, Annie told herself. I should be thinking about my family, about the people I love. But the only thing Annie could think of was how this never would have happened if her friend hadn’t skived school again. That’s what Annie Seville was thinking when she hit the curb.

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