Ssshh... It's A Secret (A Harry Styles Fanfiction)

Kate is your average 19 year old girl. There's just one thing different. She's dating One Direction member Harry Styles. And that's not everything. Because management wants Harry to keep his ''Womanizer'' image their relationship is a secret. What happens when his fans will find out ??


2. Chapter. 2


Kate's P.O.V


When we arrived at the club Louis went to get us all a drink. I was feeling rather uncomfortable because my dress was really short and tight and there was a old dirty man staring at me. Then i felt an arm around my waist. Don't wory love Harry whispered in my ear i'll make sure h doesn't touch you. You smiled up at him and he gave you a kiss on your cheek. When Louis came back with the drinks we all sat down in one of the booths. I was on Harry's lap and i was sipping my drink. Louis was telling some sort of story about a crazed fan. I didn't really listen because i could feel the old man staring at me. I cuddled a bit more into Harry and he protectively wrapped his arm around me and shot the man a death glare. When Louis finished his stoy we all had a laugh because it was kind of a weird story. We all got a bit loosened up because of the alcohol. Kate you wanna go and dance for a bit ?? Eleanor asked after a few moments. Yeah sure i said and got out of Harry's grip. Be carefull he said. Will try i replied. Eleanor and i danced together and had a fun time when suddenly i felt someone wrapping an arm around my waist. And seeing the look on Eleanor her face i knew this wasn't Harry. I turned around and saw the old man smirking at me. i tried to remove his hand but he wouldn't let me go. At this time i was getting scared. I looked at Harry and hoped he would see me. Thank god he did and he stood up immediatly. He tapped the man on his shoulder and he turned around. As soon as the man turned around Harry kneed him right in his balls. The man's face turned from lust to pain to anger in a matter of second. He slapped Harry right across the face and soon they were on the ground hurting each other. After a few moments the security pulled them of each other. Harry's nose was bleeding he had a black eye and he had a few scratches around his face. The old man  his lip was bleeding like hell and his eye was black to.; You could just see Harry's fingernails in his cheek.  I would request you all to leave. The security guy told us. We got our stuff and went outside the club. When we were out i grabbed Harry's face and quickly got a tissue to stop the bleeding. When it stopped i throwed the tissue away. Thankyou Harry whispered quietly. I should thank you i chuckled. So you're not mad at me ?? he asked. Of course i'm not mad at you silly i said and kissed him. The other boys and girls also came outside. Are you both okay Liam screamed. I told you it would be trouble going to this club. Liam calm down Danielle said and she grabbe dhis arm. We're fine Liam Harry said. Just a few scratches. Let's just go home Zayn said and he grabbed Perrie's hand walked to the car. My place Harry asked. Everyone nodded. Then all of a sudden there were camera's flashing everywhere. The news of Harry fighting in a pub was probably around the internet by now. Harry quickly grabbed my hand and coverd my face with his coat. We ran to the car and quickly drove away. Shit he muttered under his breath. Let's just hope they didn't got her on picture mate Niall said and slapped Harry's back. OOW He screamed in pain. You sure you are okay ?? I asked him concerned. Yeah i'm fine apart from the fact that that man was trying to kill me there on that floor. I chuckled and rested my head on his shoulder. When we came  home i helped Harry inside and on the couch. Louis came form the kitchen with a ice-pack and throwed it at harry's feet. LOUIS I screamed. Yes my love he said with an innocent smile. I sighed and grabbed the ice-pack from the floor. I carefully placed it on Harry's eye and applied pressure to it. He whimpered in pain. I'm sorry babe but otherwise it's going to b big and blue tomorrow.  He sighed and held the ice-pack himself. I kissed his cheek and then grabbed my laptop to see if the pictures were already online. I went to sugarscape and that there was already an article published. I opened it and read it loudly. :


What should be a fun night out for One Direction-singer Harry Styles and his bandmates ended up in a disaster. According to the people in the pub there was out of no-where a fight between Harry and an old man. No one knows the clue of the fights but when they got kicked out of the club we saw a mysterious girl walking hand in hand with Harry (Pictures Below). Our question is: Who is this mysterious girl. Is it his new girlfriend or just one of his other flings. Or is this girl the cause of the whole fight. More soon to follow.


I scrolled to the pictures and saw that my face was clearly on them. Shit i muttered.




What will happen next ?? Will the fans find out who Kate is or is their relationship soon to be found out ?? Tell me what you think should happen next.


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