My stolen heart

Ally is a normal girl with a normal life and normal friends. What happens when she meets the world famous liam payne? Does her heart get broken or will she fall inlove once again?


1. The day i met him

I woke up one morning and heard my mum downstaires. I got dressed into some jeans and an orange jumper and went straight downstaires to eat breakfast. My mum was making some toast and butter for herself so i made cereal. I heard my phone buzz in my pocket so i took it out and saw i got a text from best friend kaylee. "hi! I'm gonna go to town in 10 mins so can i meet you somewhere?" she asked so i asked my mum and she said fine. I met her at starbucks and she looked so pleased and strangely excited. "what are you so happy about?" i asked and she didnt reply. She just pionted to the table next to me and i turned to see liam payne! I wasnt a major fan but i know kaylee was. I wanted to show her that it wasnt as amazing as it seems because it litrally looked like she was going to have a heart attack. I walked over to him and smiled. "may i help you?" he asked in a polite was so i just told him about kaylee and that he should say hi to her. Hewalked over to her and said hi and i was completely shocked when she just screamed as loud as she could. Now she really was freaking out. "how about we just leave," i said to him but he stopped me in my trackes. "no stay, its alright!" he said so i just turned around and sat down. "Whats your name?" he asked. "ally, and this is kaylee!" i said pionting to kaylee who was now calmed down. I was thinking a million things in my head. Like... Oh my god, i am really speaking to liam... And... I kinda like him, like not in that way,maybe. Ok, i do in that way but he wont like a normal average 18 year old like me. He is world famous after all. I couldnt stop thinking about that. We spent practicley the entire day in starbucks and after he gave us a lift home. We kept in touch and i couldnt stop thinking about him when i was in bed though. I didnt want to tell anyone because they would freak out, especially my mum!

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