My stolen heart

Ally is a normal girl with a normal life and normal friends. What happens when she meets the world famous liam payne? Does her heart get broken or will she fall inlove once again?


3. Stranger Danger

Now it has been officially 3 years since liam asked me out and i am as happyas a girl can be. Me and liam are really happy and alwaysvisit eachother and i dont haveto worry about danielle anymore. Oh yeah, danielle is liam ex-girlfriend who we have had some issues with but we are fine now. I started getting ready for school and had a shower. After, i went downstaires and surprizingly saw liam. "hey, good news! You get to stay atmine for a week whilst your mum is away for a work course!" he said to me and i felt happy. Of course i was going to miss my mum but I getto spend a week at liams which was amazing! I smiled and ran over to hug him. He kissed me on the fore head and i ate some breakfast. After about an hour, we went back to him and i waved goodbye to my mum. We walked into his house and it seemed bigger than usual. "so, watcha wanna do? He said and i could barely understand what he was saying. "um...." i said not knowing what to say. "bideo games?" he asked but im not really a playstation or x-box kind of person so i just shook my head. I heard my phone buzz and saw a text from a stranger. "i am coming!" it said and i started getting freaked out but played it cool. "i think youhave the wrong number!" i replied but regreted it. I knew he didnt have the wrong number but i also knew that what he wrote was fake. "no way!" he wrote and i didnt want to write anything else. "your ally, liam paynes girlfriend. I know everything about you, including where you are now and i will found you!" he wrote back and now i was really freaked out. "liam?" i called and he ran straight over. I could see hisworried face when i called his name. "what, whats wrong?" he asks so i show him the messages. "son of a..." he stopped knowing that i hate swearing. "never write to whoever this is again, no matter what he does, DONT WRITE!" he said which just made me even more scared and he could see it in my eyes. "oh sorry, i just get so angry when people do stuff to hurt you! I will always be there for you!" he saidand gave me a hug. He gave me a passionate kiss and then went upstaires. I sat on the sofa and tried toforget about it, so i watched some happy t-v.

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