My stolen heart

Ally is a normal girl with a normal life and normal friends. What happens when she meets the world famous liam payne? Does her heart get broken or will she fall inlove once again?


4. Nightmare

I heard a knock on my door. Suddenly, i was in a house of my own, no one to keep me company. I opened the door and saw my dreaded ex drake standing there with a knife in his hands. Lightning struck and the lights went out, i saw liam lying dead on the floor. I cried my heart out and drake started walking towards me. I walked back and the sharpest tip of the knife was faced to my heart. I started to cry more and turned around. I felt the knife touch my back and scratch me down the back of my spine. I screamed in pain is a could feel blood fall down my back. I fell to the floor and saw him standing above me. He face his knofe once again and leane in. Was i really abot to killed? I felt petrified. More scared then i have ever felt in a long time. His knife went straight into my heart an my eyes started to close. When they were fully closed i woke up screaming. Thankgod it was just a dream. I heard someone rush upstaires. Liam burst into the room and saw me out of breath and sweating. "Oh my god! Are you ok!?" He asked in shock. "No! No, no, no!" I said and he sat next to me. I couldnt stop thinking about the horror i saw. Liam dead and drake killing me. "What happened?" He asked hugging me tightly. "The death, that face, the horror!" That was all i managed to say. I could stop picturing liam and drake in my mind. It was absalutely terrified. Liam stayed with me for the rest of the night and i could sleep because everytime i closed my eyes, i could picture everthing in my dream in my mind. I was terrified all night but i felt really safe around liam, like nothing could hurt me.

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