My stolen heart

Ally is a normal girl with a normal life and normal friends. What happens when she meets the world famous liam payne? Does her heart get broken or will she fall inlove once again?


8. I dont want to talk about it

I woke up the next day at 1pm. I must have been really tired. I ealked sowndtaires still in my pyjamas and all messy but o didnt care. I saw liam making lunch but he didnt notice me so i thought i would scare him. I slowely got to the bottom of the staires and walked behind him. I shouted "BOO!" And grabbed shoulders and twisted him around. I saw him jump and then quickley get out of breath. "You almost gave me a heart attack!" He said and i giggled. He started tickling me and was running away. He picked me up bridal style and started walking towards the outside pool which hasnt been heated yet. I started shouting an screaming in a jokey way and was trying to wiggle my way out of his atms but nothing i did worked. He stood next to the pool and leaned over. He let go of me and i fell into the pool feet first. I swam to the top and had my wet hair all in my face. "Uhh! I hate you!" I said as a joke and he laughed. "So you think this us funny?" I said with a cheeky smile on my face. "Fairly, yes!" He said bursting with laughter. I swam towards the edge, near to where he was standing and grabbed his leg. I pulled him in and he fell straight to the bottom, with a huge splash. " he swam back up and pushed me and i lughed. "Fun Duck its freezing!" He said looking annoyed. "Who's laughing now?" I daid and put a face on that said, sorry! I smiled and hugged him in the water. He oulled me under with him and started swimming around me. He held me by the hips and leaned in to kiss me. I always loved a good, romantic underwater kiss. But this one was the best of all. Sparks flew in my mind as we slowely span underwater. I felt like nothing could stop me, and that nothing could ruin this. But there is always something, i ran out of breath! 

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