The Music Never Dies

Mackenzie Meadows is a young, talented girl who is offered a record deal with Syco Records after a performance at school. But what happens when she falls in love with someone she wasn't supposed to?


2. Two

Simon Cowell's POV


"So you have a girl singing today? She must be good then!" I told Principal Reed. I was at a high school in London, and the Principal said a girl with talent was singing. A loud bell then rang.

"That's assembly! Please follow me gentlemen." The principal led us to a big hall, filled with teenagers. A girl with medium length brown hair was standing at the side of the stage with a microphone. I sat down on a chair at the side.

"Welcome students, and please say hello to our special visitors from Syco Records!" Everyone said a big hello. We waved back.

"Now, as a special treat, our very student Mackenzie Meadows will be singing for us! Mackenzie, come on up!" He motioned to the girls, who nervously walked onto stage. She was a very pretty girl, hopefully she has talent and we could give her a record deal?

"When your ready." Principal Reed said, walking off the stage. Mackenzie nodded to the piano player, who started playing Little Mix Turn Your Face. She began singing, and boy she was amazing! I feel a new star forming!

Mackenzie's POV

I finished singing, and everyone stood up, clapping, cheering, whistling. I let out a huge sigh of relief. I saw Maya at the front with a huge smile on her face. I smiled back. Then Simon Cowell and Principal Reed came up on stage.

"Mackenzie, that was amazing! Mr Cowell would like to talk to you." Principal Reed moved out the way and Simon Cowell came up to me.

"Ms Meadows, how would you like a record deal with Syco records?" He asked. I stood in shock for a minute, and everyone started chanting, 'yes, yes, yes!' I looked at Maya, and she nodded.

"Of course! Thank-you!" I shook Mr Cowell's hand.

-Three Days Later-

"Mackenzie, you okay?" Maya asked. We were outside Simon Cowell's office. I was about to go in and sign a record deal.

"Yeah. I'm just nervous." I started sweating and my heart was beating so fast. Then someone came towards us.

"Mr Cowell would like to see you now. You can bring your sister if you like." I nodded and we walked into Simon's office. White office.

"Hello Mackenzie, Maya. Please have a seat!" We sat down on the white chairs in front of his white desk.

"How are you?" He asked.

"Um, fine. Just super nervous." I said laughing. I always laugh when I'm nervous.

"Well, you'll be fine! Here's the record deal, just sign these lines here!" I took the paper and and a pen and signed the lines.

"There! You are now signed with Syco Records!"


(A/N Hey! Sorry for the short chapter! I will defo have longer ones. Are you enjoying so far? Please like, comment, fan and fave!)

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