The Music Never Dies

Mackenzie Meadows is a young, talented girl who is offered a record deal with Syco Records after a performance at school. But what happens when she falls in love with someone she wasn't supposed to?


1. One

Mackenzie's POV


"Hey Mackenzie! Principal Reed wants to see you in his office. Don't worry, your not in trouble." My sister Maya said.

"Er, okay. See you!" I hugged Maya and made my way to the Principal's office.

"Hello Ms Meadows. Please, have a seat." Principal Reed motioned to the chair in front of his desk. I sat on the chair, setting down my black and pink Super Dry bag. I think I had a worried look on my face.

"Do not panic, your not in trouble. I just wanted to talk to you about tomorrows assembly." He said.

"But, I'm not speaker of the assembly, or anything?" I was very confused.

"I know, but I was passing by your music class yesterday. I heard you singing and I was wondering if you would like to perform a song in the assembly. We have a special guest here tomorrow. So, are you interested?" I sat there in shock for a minute.

"Um, yeah! I'd love to! Thank-you so much Sir!" The words slipped out my mouth. I couldn't sing in front of the whole school! If I messed up I'd be the school joke! Oh no!

"Great! There's the bell, you better get to class." Principal Reed said just as the bell rang. I got up and grabbed my bag.

"Bye Principal Reed." I smiled and walked out, getting to history with Mrs Stone. Or Mrs Stone-Age as we called her. She is so old!

-End of day-

"Ugh, Mrs Stone-Age is so annoying!" I complained to Maya on the way home.

"Try maths with Mr Manning! He was shouting at me all the way through the lesson!" Maya laughed. Her beautiful natural white blonde hair flew round her face. I have boring brown hair. At least it had natural light brown highlights? And bright green eyes? Maya has sparkling blue eyes.

"So what was that all about with Principal Reed?" Maya asked.

"He wants me to sing at tomorrows assembly." I laughed as Maya started jumping up and down screaming.

"What song are you singing?" She asked.

"I don't know. Maybe a Little Mix song?" 

"Definitely Turn Your Face." Maya suggested.

"But that song is really hard!" I shouted, making the neighbors look at me. I put my head down in shame.

"I'll help you! Come on!" Maya pulled me into the door of the block of flats, and we went up the lift to our flat. We threw our bags onto the couch and Maya put her Little Mix album into the CD player.

"Ready?" I nodded. She played Turn Your Face, and I began singing.


"Oh my gosh, Mackenzie that was amazing!" Maya clapped once I finished the song. I felt my face burning.

"Thanks. I'm going to take a shower and get changed." I said making my way upstairs.

"But you had a shower this morning?" Maya shouted upstairs.

"So?" I shrugged, laughing and going to my bathroom. I took a quick shower then got dressed- (without the hair)- and brushed my brown hair, tying it in a messy bun. I went downstairs to see Maya watching the news from this morning.

"Hey, did you know Simon Cowell is coming to our school tomorrow? And head of Syco Records?" My jaw dropped. I was going to be singing in front of them?

"What!? How could Principal Reed not tell me? I mean, he did say there was going to be a 'special guest', but he could have told me it was them!" I was panicking now.

"Mackenzie, calm down. You'll be fine!" Maya reassured me.


Maya and I were half way through watching The Notebook, but I got really tired.

"I'm going to bed. Night Maya." I said, getting up and going to my bed. I fell asleep almost immediately.

-The Next Morning- 


"MACKENZIE! GET UP IF YOU WANT BACON BAGELS!" Maya shouted. I shot up, running downstairs and grabbing a BB. I really love Bacon Bagels.

"Wow, your hungry!" Maya laughed. I smiled whilst eating my BB. After that I had a shower and put on my clothes. ( I ran downstairs to see Maya already dressed wearing- 

"Come on sissy!" We made our way to school. I was nervous the whole way to school. Assembly was the first thing on Fridays! 

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