Loving London

Kira Morgan, your normal 19 year old, with one exception... Her childhood best friend is now a global popstar!!!!
He is no other than Niall Horan of one direction. But when Niall's big brother Greg gets married and the two are reunited will it result in something more than friendship ???


2. Only One Direction.

Kira's P.O.V

I woke up to the sound of Niall whispering my name. "What?" I asked sleepily. "We just landed." he laughed. We grabbed our bags from the conveyor belt. We walked hand in hand towards the Starbucks in London Airport. "NIALL!!!!" I heard someone yell from behind us. Louis Tomlinson was hurteling towards us, followed by the rest of the boys and Eleanor. "Who's your girlfriend?" he asked cheekily. "This is Kira and she is NOT my girlfriend!" He assured him after we stopped holding hands. Within seconds Niall was being hugged by four boys. Eleanor walked over to me. "Is it always like this?" I laughed. She looked at me seriously "honestly.... YES!" She grinned. "I'm Kira Morgan" I told her. "I'm Eleanor Calder." she replied unessacaryly. Let's all go to the boys flat" she announced. Surprisingly they all followed immediately. We climbed into the black SUV waiting outside and drove to the boys flat. This should be interesting 

Eleanor's  P.O.V

As we drove back to the boys flat, I could see Niall and Kira holding hands, whispering and laughing. They are really cute together. It's obvious they both really like each other, even though neither will admit it. I've known Kira half an hour and we're already best friends. We arrived at the flat and went inside. Kira's eyes widened "You guys are rich!" she exclaimed. She pointed to Niall accusingly." And you made me pay for lunch yesterday!" she glared at him arms folded. Then burst out laughing,with everyone joining in."Lets get pizza" Harry yelled from the kitchen. Louis came up behind me and picked me up firemwn style.     "Put me down!!!" I screamed. "If you say so!" he smirked dropping me onto Niall, who tried to move, making me land with a tumble beside the kitchen door. "We are gonna ask you 3 questions and you must answer truthfully" Louis spoke so seriously. I nodded silently, trying to suppress laughter.

Louis- "Where are you from?"

Kira- "Mullingar!"

Liam- "What college or job do you do?"

Kira- "I go to the Royal Ballet School and tour with the Royal Ballet Company!"

Eleanor-" WOW!!!! When and where did you and Niall meet?"

Kira-"17 years ago at a barbecue in my house, our mums were best friends!"


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