Loving London

Kira Morgan, your normal 19 year old, with one exception... Her childhood best friend is now a global popstar!!!!
He is no other than Niall Horan of one direction. But when Niall's big brother Greg gets married and the two are reunited will it result in something more than friendship ???


3. First Kiss.

Niall's P.O.V

"Awww, they're the cutest thing I've ever seen!" Eleanor exclaimed. "They have to get together, I mean look at them!!!" Danielle gushed. "What???" I said groggily, just after waking up. "Look at the pic." Eleanor giggled handing me her iPhone. I looked at me and Kira asleep on the sofa my arm around her. "She even looks pretty in her sleep." I murmured under my breath. The look on the girls faces conformed that I did just say that out loud. Right at that moment Louis ran into the room screaming something about whales. "What the hell?" yelled Kira. "LOUIS!!!!" Eleanor yelled " you woke her up." she finished sweetly. "I better get back to my flat," announced Kira. And with that she was gone. I followed her outside. "I'll walk you home." I said taking her hand. We walked in silence. "So about that date," I started. "I'll pick you up at nine." I added as we reached her building. "Deal!" she agreed kissing my cheek. "See you then!"

Kira's P.O.V

"Right," I murmured to myself. "Time for breakfast!" I went into the kitchen to make French toast. After I had eaten it was twelve." We must have only got up at eleven!" I said to myself shocked, I'm usually up at 5:45am for college. I had a shower and washed my hair. Next I blow dryed my hair then curled it. After I picked out wat to wear, I put on my electric blue skirt (short at the front long at the back), a coral vest and my grey leather jacket. I heard a knock on the door so I slipped my feet into my black fold-over 

sandy heeled boots. I ran to the door to see Niall standing there with a rose. He took my hand and opened the front door on the car to let me in. 

We arrived at a tree lined park. Niall took my hand and led me down the path, " Close your eyes!" he told me. I did as I was told, we walked down the path, then suddenly stopped. I opened my eyes to see a sparkling lake, a moonlit picnic under a willow tree. "Oh Niall," I smiled "I love it!" I turned around to face him. His eyes. He put his arms round my waist and I put mine around his neck. We smiled happily at each other. He leaned in to kiss me. You know that feeling when your true love kisses you, the tingling and how you feel happier then you've ever been before. After a minute we pulled apart. "Kira will you be my girlfriend?" he smiled nervously. I kissed him again. "Niall I would absolutely love to!" We sat down to a romantic picnic. At 11 o'clock Niall drove me home. He kissed me goodnight, then I went inside to call El. "Guess what?" I chattered into my iPhone. "What? Was the date good?" she quizzed me. "We kissed!!!" I squealed. "Yay! I'll see you tomorrow at the boys flat!" and with that she hung up. I got out my phone to see a text from Niall, "Hey c u 2morrow!!! -Niallxxx. I really love him I just wish I knew if he feels the same way!!! 

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