All I ever think about is him....

So, there is a boy at school who I like. A LOT. He is nice to me and plays pranks on me.Things are great between me and him. There is one problem. He has a girlfriend who he loves. I won't get in the way of their relationship but I just love him so much. What can I do?


5. Why is he still around? What does he want?

I open my eyes and see him standing over me.'Oh thank God Lu, I thought that I had lost you!' he exclaims and gives me a hug. I shake my head. 'Why are you still here Jamie? You are with Tanya, shes not really going to be overjoyed that you are spending a lot of time with another girl.Why haven't you just left?'I ask. 'Oh, Lu, you are my best friend, why would I ever leave you?'He replies. I hold in a sigh. Not the answer that I was looking for. I give him a hug anyway and just get on with it, before I realize that I am still on the pavement, and a crowd has formed around us. I get up and almost fall over again.'Bloody roller blades.' I mumble and he laughs. We walk back to the gates where we wait for Emma. She has clearly left as the gates are locked and bolted and it is nearly dark. I turn around and begin to walk home. I say bye to Jamie and close my gate. What a day.

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