All I ever think about is him....

So, there is a boy at school who I like. A LOT. He is nice to me and plays pranks on me.Things are great between me and him. There is one problem. He has a girlfriend who he loves. I won't get in the way of their relationship but I just love him so much. What can I do?


4. We need to talk

I walk out of my front door. Luckily for me, school is only 5 mins away. Instead of walking, I tie up my retro pink roller blades. I need something to cheer me up. I start to glide towards school. I have no longer got my uniform on. I changed into a black play-suit with white mustaches all over it. I put on long white socks and scrunch them up, so that they are all clumped together on top of the bubblegum pink roller blades. I look cute, that's for sure. When I arrive, I balance up against the side gates, and stand there for 1 min. I wait for Jamie and Emma. I see Jamie first, walking slowly. When he sees me he grins and sprints towards me. 'I am so glad that you were just generally feeling ill.I was really worried that it was because of me and Tanya that you left early!' he laughs and gives me a hug. I fall silent when he says that. Maybe he will get it. He falls silent also. I realize that I am about a head taller than him because of my roller blades.  When we break apart, he looks down at my feet. 'OMIGOD RETRO ROLLER BLADES!!' He shouts and laughs. I laugh and look into his eyes. Gorgeous chocolate brown with long eyelashes. Without realizing, I am wheeling backwards, towards the steep hill. When I do realize, it is too late.He truck has swerved and just missed me. I fall over and manage to roll onto the pavement just before a car zooms past.He runs up to me and says 'Oh God, Lulu are you okay?' just before I black out....



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